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The First Imaging Library for Traumatic Brain Injury Announced

Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the American College of Radiology (ACR) is launching the first imaging library for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Clinical imaging tools will be developed to aid in the diagnosis and management of patients with TBI.

In a press release published on the Cohen Veterans Bioscience website, 1.5 million Americans are affected by mild TBI annually. Despite the fact that most mild TBI's display no outward signs of brain damage, these injuries lead to long-term cognitive, behavioral or physical issues in as much as 20 percent of cases. Neuroimaging, the method currently used by many hospitals is of little help in diagnosing TBI.

According to the press release, "patients with this condition often have normal routine brain scans. However advanced types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are showing promise in demonstrating changes that are known to occur in mild TBI. These advanced imaging approaches include diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), functional connectivity, perfusion weighted imaging and volumetric imaging. Despite their promise, these advanced approaches are currently primarily confined to research use."

Recognizing the Signs of Brain Injury in Young Children

It is very common for a young child to receive a bump on the head while at play, alone or with other children. It is also common for a youngster to receive a traumatic brain injury. It has been shown in studies that, by the age of 15, one out of every five children will experience some form of brain injury. The group with the greatest risk of traumatic brain injury is children four years of age and younger.

Every mother is familiar with the sound of a child bumping his or her head. Fortunately the crying that follows is usually quelled by a kiss to the bumped area. However, that bump on the head should never be taken lightly. Left untreated, a head injury that was assumed to be minor can become a detriment to the child's future development and learning. Parents should learn the warning signs that may indicate something more serious.

Federal Regulators Shelve Plans to Mandate Anti-Lock Brakes on Motorcycles

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), estimates that nearly one-third of motorcycle crash fatalities could be prevented by a federal highway ABS mandate.

"it is hard to come up with something else that has the potential to be as important for motorcycle safety," said Alan Lund, IIHS president.

Despite applauding the BMW group, a leader in offering ABS technology, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) failed to require it as a standard safety feature on motorcycles.

Federal Regulators Shelve Plans to Mandate Anti-Lock Brakes on Motorcycles

Traffic fatalities are rising again, following a long downward curve, driven in part by a high number of motorcycle deaths. Even though over 5000 bikers are dying on the nation's roads annually, federal regulators have taken an ambiguous position requiring a safety measure that could save hundreds of lives annually.

Since the 1990's anti-lock braking systems (ABS) have been a standard feature on most passenger vehicles. For years, the same technology has been shown to be a valuable method of preventing motorcycle deaths. ABS technology works by preventing the wheels from locking up during hard braking or slippery braking conditions, permitting better control of the bike.

Both the California Highway Patrol and the New York City police department require ABS technology to be integrated into every bike in their fleets. The technology is rapidly becoming standard worldwide. In Europe, all new motorcycles sold must have ABS. Japan, India and Brazil are close to requiring ABS in motorcycles.

What Causes a Jackknife Truck Accident?

How many traffic reports do we hear about a California thoroughfare being blocked by a jackknifed truck? A jackknife truck accident often results in massive damage to property, serious injuries and, too often, fatalities. How do these accident occur and is the truck driver always at fault?

The Complex Triple Braking Systems of Big Rigs

The braking system of a tractor truck, hauling one or more trailers, is of a much greater complexity than any other vehicle on the road. There are actually three separate braking systems. There is one that controls the steering axle in the front, another that controls the driving wheels at the rear of the cab and a third that controls the trailer wheels. The truck driver must know exactly when, and how, to apply each braking system to slow the rig down safely. The elevated height of the cab provides the driver with better road visibility to anticipate a braking situation, providing time to slow down gradually. If the driver is abruptly forced to slow or stop, he has three options. He may lock the steering axle brakes, which will force the truck in a straightforward motion regardless of the steering angle. He might lock up the drive axles, which can often result in a jackknife. Or he may lock the trailer brakes, losing directional control of the rig. The best results in most emergency situations are gained by locking the steering axles. The steering ability will be lost but the rig will continue to slow in a straightforward motion. Any frequent driver of the interstates is familiar with an 18-wheeler locking the trailer brakes to slow down quickly, leaving a trail of smoke and rubber skid marks on straight sections of roadway 

How Safe is Riding with a Motorcycle Group or Club in California?

California is has more registered motorcycles than any other state in the union. In 2013 that number was close to 800,000 and has certainly grown since. The year round riding climate, the beautiful scenic roads and the many different rallies and events, beckon motorcyclists to call California their home.

Anyone who has traveled the highways of California must be familiar with the many groups of bikers. In the case of an organized rally these groups may number in the hundreds, but more common are smaller groups of around twenty, more or less. These riders are often members of motorcycle clubs or riding groups out to enjoy a ride together.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the differences between a motorcycle club and a riding club will view these groups as being the same, often in a negative light, referring to them as gangs. They see the 'colors' or back patches and assume that they are outlaw bikers. In most cases those views are distant from reality. Some of them may be in, or retired from, law enforcement while others may be military veterans. Many are riding for charitable causes. There are, however, distinct differences between motorcycle clubs and riding groups. 

California Shopping Mall Injuries - Who is Responsible?

Across the nation, shopping malls have replaced Main St. as the place where people go to shop, dine and even catch a movie. California is home to some of the most beautiful malls in the country. From the Grove to Fashion Island to Rodeo Drive, savvy shoppers seek designer clothes and accessories and just about everything else they desire. Shopping malls are often comprised of one or more large anchor stores along with smaller stores that can range in number from a dozen or so, to several hundred. It is the responsibility of the mall owners and businesses to maintain safe premises for their guests shopping experience.

The Shopping Mall Danger Zones

Elevators and escalators - In virtually every shopping mall there are escalators and elevators that transport shoppers from one floor to another. If poorly maintained, or operated improperly, these people movers can be a source of personal injuries. An escalator lacking in clear and proper stair and landing demarcation can create a fall hazard. If one person falls on a busy escalator, a serious pileup may result. An elevator that stops short of a floor creates a trip and fall hazard for exiting occupants. Both escalators and elevators, which are improperly maintained, may suddenly stop or speed up, leading to falls.

This Summer - Millions will Take to the Roads in Unrepaired Recalled Vehicles

Vacation season is here and a record number of drivers will take to the road as they seize the advantage of low gas prices. Among these cars are millions that are potentially injurious due to recall repairs that have never been completed.

From 2013 to 2015, a record number of recalls have left a great number of recalled vehicles still operating on U.S roads and highways, according to J.D. Powers, the global marketing firm.

During the recall period, the number of vehicles recalled totaled over 109 million. Forty percent of that number are still on the road without the necessary repairs being completed, resulting in 45 million potentially dangerous cars, trucks and SUV's traveling our roads and highways.

Parts standardization has resulted in the same parts being installed into as many as a dozen different manufacturers vehicles. This is made evident from the Takata airbag system. When the discovery of the potentially fatal, exploding Takata inflator mechanisms was made, the parts were installed in over 100 million vehicles worldwide.

The Importance of Evidence Collection in a California Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a California motorcycle accident, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer. You could receive a catastrophic injury that could cost an astronomical amount of money over your lifetime in lost wages and medical bills. Most insurance policies will only cover a fraction of the actual cost.

At your initial consultation with your motorcycle accident attorney there will be many questions, as the attorney tries to determine if your case could be successful against another driver or perhaps the governing agency responsible for maintaining the roadway. Determining fault is key to the outcome of your case.

Working closely with you to uncover every possible fact leading up to the crash, the attorney will try to piece together the puzzle that will reveal the entire picture with clarity. Hopefully this picture will show the fault lies wholly or partially with another party. The attorney will then present all of the collected evidence to the defendants insurance company.

Fatigue Added to List of Occupational Safety Risks by the National Safety Council

Fatigue has such a significant impact on workplace safety that the National Safety Council (NSC) has added it to it's new list of occupational injury risks. This is the first time that worker fatigue has been included in this list.

The addition of fatigue in this annual report "sheds new light on the impact of fatigue" by educating on preventable deaths, advises Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Fatigue was included in Injury Facts 2017 "because of alarming trends" and "because of alarming data" according to the NSC. In addition, expanded details such as mortality data related to mode of transportation, preventable deaths categorized by state and the rising statistic of teen driving deaths, were included.

Those working in transportation such as commercial drivers, manufacturing, warehousing and healthcare are most likely to be affected by lack of sleep, according to Injury Facts 2017.

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