Fatal Calabasas plane crash leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Airplanes are perhaps the safest means of transportation. Flying through airspace rather than navigating crowded city streets and congested highways leaves little room for accidents. We all know, however, that aviation accidents still happen. Because flight paths are often carefully planned, when an accident occurs between two planes, there is usually someone to blame. Recently, a local family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two parties after the death of a 63-year-old man in a frightening plane crash outside of Calabasas. The man and another individual were both killed when two small planes collided in April. The other plane was piloted by a flight instructor with [...]

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Santa Ana crash shows dangers of running red lights

We all know the reasons behind traffic laws in California. Traffic lights, stop signs, speed limits and other rules exist to manage traffic flow and keep our roads safe. When people stop following traffic laws, chaos can occur. Worse than chaos, however, is the fact that people can get seriously injured or even killed. This is exactly what happened in a recent fatal crash in Santa Ana. According to Orange County police, the crash occurred after one vehicle ran a red light and smashed into another car that was in the intersection. A 78-year-old passenger in the car that ran the red light was killed immediately. [...]

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Pedestrian hurt when U-Haul truck plows into Van Nuys pharmacy

Over the weekend, an unusual truck accident in Van Nuys left one woman seriously injured. The woman was on a sidewalk outside of a pharmacy on Sepulveda Boulevard when all of a sudden, a U-Haul truck came hurtling toward her. For some reason, the U-Haul truck veered off the road and went crashing through the wall and several aisles of the pharmacy. The pedestrian woman was either hit by the truck or by debris from the crash. She suffered serious injuries. Fortunately, no employees or shoppers at the pharmacy were hurt. […]

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2 dead after alleged drunk driver causes crash near Newbury Park

One of the worst things any person could ever have to endure is the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. Unfortunately, each year, thousands of people are forced to grieve the loss of a family member caused by one common incident: car accidents. Car accidents, however, do not happen on their own. Most often they are the result of negligent driving such as texting while driving, drunk driving or speeding. Sadly, the lives of two young people were claimed earlier this week when an alleged drunk driver crashed their vehicle near Newbury Park. […]

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