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Rain-slicked roads create hazards for California drivers

As the winter begins to set in here in southern California, our conditions might not be quite as icy as elsewhere in the country, but that doesn’t mean the changing weather isn’t dangerous for drivers. A storm this week caused many car accidents around the state as drivers struggled to adapt to rain-slicked roads. A California High Patrol officer told reporters that many drivers involved in accidents were simply driving too fast for the road conditions. This serves as an important reminder that speed limits are intended for “ideal” conditions, which means clear and dry. When rain hits the roads and highways the speed limit may [...]

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Data shows increase in deadly hit-and-run car accidents

It is probably hard to imagine a situation in which is seems acceptable to flee from the scene of an accident that you have caused. Yet that is what thousands of people do every year when they are involved in a car accident in which someone is injured. In fact, while overall traffic accidents have been decreasing in recent years, the number of fatal hit-and-run accidents has increased. A spokesperson from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety told reporters that the public isn’t really aware of the magnitude of this problem. Alcohol is often a factor in drunk driving accidents, according to experts on the topic. [...]

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Safety Board says lack of oversight led to bus crashes

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a statement saying that the federal Transportation Department has not done enough to protect consumers from fatal bus accidents. The statements came after a review of the Transportation Department stemming from four fatal bus accidents within the last year which killed a total of 25 people and injured 83. While overall traffic accidents have decreased and the number of heavy truck crashes have decreased, safety regulators remain concerned that the number of bus fatalities is stagnant. This indicates that there is something more dangerous about the way the bus industry operates. […]

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Survey finds drug use among some truck drivers

A new study on truck driver behavior found some concerning results, specifically regarding drug and alcohol use by drivers while they are on the road. The study found that substances like alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, and cocaine were all used by some truck drivers at varying levels. The study was conducted internationally, so it included data from the United States as well as many other countries to get an idea of the behavior of professional truckers as a whole population. Some of the data came from questionnaires filled out by the drivers and other data came from biological testing to detect recent drug or alcohol use. [...]

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Investigation concludes in death of California pilot

Air Force officials have concluded their investigation into the death of a California man who was injured and killed in an aviation accident. Experts who examined the evidence found that that pilot experienced a condition known as spatial disorientation during his flight which caused him to become confused and to make the decision to exit the aircraft in unsafe conditions, in this case over a body of water. The aviation accident took place in another country during an Air Force training exercise. A spokesperson for the Air Force said that the experience of spatial disorientation can happen to any pilot at any time, indicating that it [...]

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