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Fatal crash data reveals risk for drivers under legal limit

A lot of us are led to believe that if something is legal, then it is likely also safe. We trust laws and regulations to protect us from various hazards such as dangerous drugs and other products, and the dangerous behavior of other people. One example of this is in the laws regulating drunk driving. We all know that drunk driving is dangerous and poses a risk to the public, which is why drunk driving is a crime. However, what most people do not realize is that simply because one is under the legal limit for blood alcohol content, that does not mean that they pose [...]

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Drunk driver may have sped prior to crash, passenger dies

An unfortunate wreck in the Los Angeles area claimed the life of a 21-year-old man and left another man with serious injuries. The crash involved just one vehicle, as it plowed into a tree in Anaheim. The police have launched an investigation into the car accident and though few details are being released, the police do have a few suspicions about what caused the wreck. Investigators believe that the driver was intoxicated in some way when he chose to get behind the wheel, and they also believe that the man was speeding prior to the crash. The driver survived, but his 21-year-old passenger did not. If [...]

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Regulators tackle issue of bus safety

In a recent post we discussed the issue of unsafe coach bus companies operating in California. A recent crash that injured many passengers injured involved a bus company that had been previously cited for safety violations but that was still operating in the state of California. The facts surrounding this crash echoed those in another California bus crash when 11 passengers were injured and eight people were killed by a bus with faulty breaks that had possibly been overlooked by state safety inspectors. Unfortunately, these stories have repeated themselves nationwide, with innocent customers being injured by negligent bus companies skirting safety laws and inaction by regulators [...]

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Vititoe Law Group and Erin Brockovich Investigating West Virginia Water Crisis

As residents and businesses are slowly being permitted to turn on their water, concerns are still present about the safety of their water. In many instances tap water is discolored and still odorous. The Health Department has ordered businesses to replace any water filters that are used for their business. Little is known about the chemical, 4 methyl cyclohexane methylmine, and the risk it poses to human health. The 1 ppm MCL seems to be arbitrary and further studies need to conducted to find out more information about this chemical and its long term effects. The water shutdown has impacted the local economy because so many [...]

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Tour bus crash sends 15 people to the hospital

A Southern California tour bus crash sent 15 people to the hospital this week. The crash occurred when the bus driver rear-ended a big rig truck. A total of 36 people were on board the bus at the time. There were no fatalities. The bus company that owns the vehicle that was involved in this bus crash has been the subject of scrutiny in the past, both from the press and regulators. In fact, reports had recently surfaced that the company was still operating despite a terrible safety record. Investigative journalists found that drivers from the company were routinely distracted and often use their cellphones on [...]

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Update: California teen moved to nearby care facility

In a recent post, we wrote about the controversial case of a young girl from California who suffered severe brain damage during a routine tonsillectomy. The girl was declared brain dead by doctors shortly after the complications from the surgery manifest themselves. After that, the family began a long fight over whether the girl is legally dead or whether she could be transferred to another medical facility to receive treatment to save her life. An agreement was made late last week and the girl was moved to a nearby nursing home. One element here that has so far missed coverage is the fact that if the [...]

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Pilot and passenger survive California plane crash

A private plane pilot and his passenger survived a weekend crash with no major injuries, according to local reports. The plane began to go down after the engine failed, leaving the pair a limited amount of time to devise a plan to deal with the situation. Plane crashes can be devastating in certain conditions, so it is up to those who choose to fly smaller private plans to be sure that their equipment is working properly and to have proper training to handle an emergency situation. In this case the pilot of the plane was trained as a professional pilot and had four decades of in-flight [...]

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California family fights hospital after botched surgery

The parents of a teenage girl who has been declared brain dead continue to fight with a California hospital to keep the girl on ventilators. The teenager was declared brain dead after a routine tonsillectomy gave way to cardiac arrest. It is not clear what went wrong during or after the surgery or why she experienced complications, but the end result is that she has experienced what the hospital is calling “whole brain death” in which all functions of the brain and brain stem have ceased. The girl’s family believes that she can still recover and are attempting to have her transferred to another facility. One [...]

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