Driver allegedly falls asleep at the wheel, causes truck accident

Earlier in the week, a semitrailer truck driver apparently caused an accident that temporarily blocked all southbound lanes on the Hollywood Freeway. The accident appears to have been caused by truck driver fatigue, as one witness reported the truck driver was sleeping before he or she slammed into at least four cars. The California Highway Patrol are looking into the accident, however, and officers have not yet confirmed that the trucker had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Truck drivers are paid to deliver goods all across California and the country in a timely fashion. The faster the goods can be delivered, the better it looks for the trucker and his or her employer. What that means, however, is that many trucking companies pressure their employees to drive long hours and stay up very late while working. While there are limits on how long a truck driver can be behind the wheel before resting, some of the less-scrupulous companies tell drivers to underreport their hours, keeping them on the road longer.

It is unknown how this trucker’s company operated, but it is believed that the truck driver was very fatigued while he or she was driving. Unfortunately, that fatigue caused a serious crash that sent three people to the hospital. Fortunately, they are in fair condition, but that does not mean they should not be compensated for the trucker’s negligence.

A personal injury lawsuit is about more than just covering medical bills, it is also about pain and suffering, missed wages, and the long-term effects of an accident. Moreover, it is a way for victims to hold an individual driver responsible for causing a crash.

Source: North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch, “Big Rig on 101 Slams into Four Cars,” Penny Arévalo, Feb. 18, 2014

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