Settlement approved for cyclist injured in pothole accident

A city in California has agreed to pay $3.25 million to a person who was injured while riding her bicycle down a local street. The street was laden with potholes at the time of the accident which caused severe injuries to the woman’s face, head, teeth, and jaw. One of the biggest issues in this case is the fact that the city had received many complaints about the dangerous potholes in the past but had failed to act to fill them in or otherwise make the area safer for motorists and cyclists. The payment to the accident victim was approved by the city council. One member [...]

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Fatal California crash linked to distracted, drugged driving

A fatal car accident that occurred in California this week is said to have been caused by a driver who was distracted by a text message on their cellphone at the time of the crash. There are also allegations that the individual was driving under the influence of drugs when he did not see a traffic stop ahead of him on the road and failed to slow down. The driver had been previously cited for other traffic violations and has past convictions for distracted driving and racing on a public street, both of which are reckless behaviors. California Highway Patrol officers arrested him after this crash [...]

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Distracted driving accounts for nine fatal crashes per day

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control estimate that nine people die each day from distracted driving car accidents. In addition, more than 1,000 people are injured every single day in car crashes where distracted driving is listed as a cause in the police report. This estimate may be low, since not all crashes that occur as a result of distracted driving are reported as such. Victims of distracted driving accidents have the right to be compensated for their injuries, whether that means being reimbursed for current medical bills or lost income or looking further into the future and getting compensation for the long term costs [...]

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California boating accidents results in one fatality

One person was killed over the weekend when two boats participating in a race near Los Angeles collided in the water. Police say that the driver of one of the boats lost control of his watercraft during the event, leading a boat behind him to crash into his. The driver of the front boat was pronounced at the scene of the crash but police say that they do not know the exact cause of death. As many California readers know, watersports can be a lot of fun but it is also necessary to take serious precautions to avoid injuries. Races and other competitive events can hold [...]

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CDC warns of dangerous superbugs from overuse of antibiotics

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that hospitals around the country are putting patients at risk by overusing powerful antibiotics that foster the creation of dangerous super bacteria. There are various factors that go into the overuse of antibiotics, which are often seen as an easy cure to ailments and are frequently requested by patients. However, as with overuse of any other type of drug, overprescribing antibiotics can result in damaging side effects for a patient. In this case, the side effects include allergic reactions or developed immunity to the effect of the drug. Along with that, super bacteria are [...]

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Investigators look into causes of California plane crash

A small plane crashed late last month off of Highway 25 in California and investigators are still seeking the reason for the crash. The pilot experienced some minor injuries but is not reported to be in critical condition. There was one other person in the plane at the time and that person was apparently not injured during the crash. Witnesses said that trouble began just after takeoff when the plane seemed to lose power in its only engine, causing it to begin to descend from the approximately 300 feet it had climbed. Others nearby who were tuned to the correct radio frequency said that they heard [...]

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