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California truck accident results in injuries to 3 workers

An accident at a California highway construction site resulted in injuries to three workers.  According to a California Highway Patrol officer, a big-rig truck struck a 20-foot long board that apparently had swung out into traffic.  This resulted in a head injury to one of the construction workers and other injuries to two others.

The truck accident occurred at 10:59 a.m. on April 23.  Little else is yet known concerning how the accident occurred or how severe the injuries were.

While accidents do happen and there can often be a variety of reasons for why such an incident occurred, we do hear more frequently about accidents occurring at construction sites.  Such workers are often vulnerable to being injured in accidents and that’s why so many laws have been implemented requesting drivers to slow down at construction sites.  Unfortunately, drivers are often careless or inattentive as they approach these sites.

Truck drivers in particular need to take care when approaching work sites.  Trucks are difficult to negotiate through tight spaces and a failure to pay particular attention by a driver can result in injuries to others.  Especially when we are speaking of trucks, the possibility of catastrophic injury is high.

We don’t know whether the truck driver or someone else was at fault for what occurred here.  Investigation will need to continue so that an exact determination as to what occurred can be made.

Personal injury attorneys in any case can assist victims in finding closure following such accidents.  These attorneys understand the common causes of such crashes and also understand how to prove up negligence on the part of one party or another after an accident occurred.

Source: News 10, “CHP: Big rig hits Hwy. 50 construction material, injures 3,” Paul Janes, April 23, 2014

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