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Fatal Mojave Desert accident results in 5 deaths

An accident in Southern California resulted in five individuals being killed. Such an accident will obviously receive a great deal of attention. The accident occurred in Hesperia on May 11. The accident occurred in the Mojave Desert just before 7:00 a.m. Apparently a van that was being driven drifted into the other lane and crashed into a Honda sedan. The van ended up crushing the car as it landed on top of the sedan.   […]

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Truck and bus crash results in death of 4 passengers

Four people were said to be killed in a truck and bus accident that occurred during the early morning hours of May 21. All four individuals killed were passengers of the bus. An additional 24 individuals were transported to the hospital. The bus was traveling on a route to Los Angeles when the truck accident occurred. The semi-truck apparently jackknifed on Interstate 10 close to the California border. The truck reportedly hit a median strip and spilled pipes onto the highway. While accidents were generated accidents on both sides of the interstate, the pipes also apparently played a part in the bus overturning. […]

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Victim of motorcycle crash honored along with her rescuers

We are fortunate to have trained first responders that come to the rescue of individuals injured in accidents. For example, one 23-year-old woman was a passenger on a motorcycle that was struck by a car in Topanga Canyon. The woman was actually hit twice and then dragged upon the street. Because of the accident the young woman lost both of her legs. It is said that she survived due to the assistance of emergency responders which would have included firefighters, two engines and a patrol car. She was airlifted by helicopter to a trauma center. […]

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Rate of C-sections at hospitals varies

The chances that a doctor will recommend a cesarean section to a woman going into labor are higher in certain hospitals than in others. In Southern California the rate can even vary in the same locality. For example, at Los Angeles Community Hospital the rate of low-risk deliveries resulting in a C-section is 55 percent whereas California Hospital Medical Center (also in L.A.) has a rate of 11 percent. Apparently this is not an isolated phenomenon. There are a number of other metropolitan areas where the rate of C-sections varies from hospital to hospital as well. […]

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Preliminary report released concerning fatal airplane accident

Two airplanes crashed into each other late last month in California resulting in one fatality. A Cessna 210E, N4962U and a Hawker Sea Fury, N20SF were involved in the collision. Preliminary reports suggest that the Cessna was destroyed in the collision and crashed into San Pablo Bay while a passenger and commercial pilot in the Sea Fury were not injured. Both planes had departed from Half Moon Bay and were traveling to Eagle’s Nest Airport in Ione, California. The planes were to be displayed at Half Moon Bay for an open house. The pilots of each plane were said to be in contact with each other [...]

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Driver blows red light and kills motorcyclist in Oxnard

A 51-year-old motorcyclist was killed in an accident that occurred on April 18 in Oxnard. The motorcyclist was traveling in a westerly direction on Esplanade Drive when he was then struck by a Toyota Camry. The motorcycle accident occurred at approximately 11:12 p.m. and witnesses claim the Toyota failed to stop for a red light. The motorcyclist 19-year-old daughter was also on the motorcycle at the time the accident occurred. She was taken to the hospital and reportedly suffering from serious injuries. The driver of the Camry was reported to be uninjured. Investigation was said to be ongoing and there was no information released as to whether [...]

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A 38-year-old Vice Principal from Ventura killed in accident

A Ventura County assistant principal was struck and killed while jogging earlier this month on South Victoria Avenue. The accident occurred at approximately 6:50 a.m. on a Sunday morning. A 23-year-old driver was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs and vehicular manslaughter. He was released on $50,000 bond while awaiting an appearance in court. The assistant principal was 38-years-old and worked at the DeAnza Academy of Technology and Arts. Though he lived with severe hearing loss since birth, he was described as someone who was able to overcome his disability and become an inspiration for others. […]

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Fatal motorcycle crash takes life of off-duty law enforcement official

Unlike much of the country, California’s mild year-round temperatures allow motorcycle enthusiasts to ride 12 months out of the year. While motorists in the Los Angeles area are accustomed to sharing the roads and highways with motorcycles, every year too many motorcyclists are involved in accidents or near accidents. Los Angeles area residents were saddened to learn of a recent fatal motorcycle accident that claimed the life of an off-duty law enforcement official. According to an initial accident report, the off-duty officer was riding a motorcycle in the carpool lane along the Southern California freeway when the accident occurred. […]

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