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Public information gap exists in regards to quality of care

According to a poll recently conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only 22 percent of respondents are confident that they can successfully research and compare the quality of healthcare providers in their area. This poll confirms that Americans feel that due to their own limitations, due to limited resources or both, it is difficult to find and compare the quality of care that physicians provide. We frequently write about the ways in which patient empowerment aids in ensuring patient safety. After all, if patients are aware that one physician has a checkered history of medical malpractice and another has a spotless patient [...]

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The state of aviation safety in the United States

A number of high-profile international plane crashes have occurred in recent months. The causes of these crashes are numerous and some causes are still unknown. With so many tragic crashes being reported on by the media, it is understandable that many American travelers are questioning the current state of aviation in California, nationwide and abroad. It is unfortunately true that a number of aviation accidents occur in the U.S. every year. Although large commercial crashes often make headlines, any number of smaller aircraft crash during the course of the year and are not reported on widely. On a single Saturday morning this month, three individuals were [...]

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If you are thinking about filing a truck accident lawsuit

If you have been hit by a large commercial truck, chances are that you have sustained both property damage and physical injury as a result of the crash. A staggering number of truck accidents involving large commercial trucks occur annually on American roads and many, if not most, of these accidents cause lasting harm to those affected by them. As a result, many victims of these kinds of accidents choose to file personal injury lawsuits in order to pursue damages in connection with the harm they have suffered. In the case of fatal accidents, loved ones of the deceased often choose to file related claims. If [...]

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Google fleet operates without brake pedals and steering wheels

Current models of self-driving cars may currently be the best glimpse Americans can have into the future of transportation. But what exactly does it mean to be a self-driving vehicle? Many auto manufacturers are exploring the potential of self-driving cars. However, explaining this phenomenon is perhaps best illustrated by the fleet of self-driving vehicles being built by Google. Because self-driving cars are meant to reduce the risk any motorist has of being involved in car accidents caused by driver error, self-driving vehicles practically rid motorists’ need to actively drive. Save for emergency situations, self-driving vehicles do not require motorists to operate these machines while they are [...]

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IIHS data indicates automakers are improving crash avoidance

Earlier this spring, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released the results of safety tests on 24 newer vehicle models. This release hardly seems newsworthy at first glance. After all, the IIHS, federal regulators, auto manufacturers and other interested organizations release a seemingly endless stream of safety ratings every year. However, this release is decidedly unique for one reason. In its latest round of crash avoidance tests, the IIHS specifically concerned itself with vehicle performance in relation to distracted drivers. Specifically, the organization focused on safety performance during rear-end car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Given that distracted driving behaviors now contribute to more accidents than [...]

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The issue of physicians struggling with active addiction

Addiction is a disease that is ravaging our country. Like most other diseases, addiction does not discriminate. We often hear about the fatal heroin overdoses that claim young people in their teens and twenties. But alcohol and other drugs – both legal and illegal – are slowly and secretly killing victims of all ages and professions, including physicians. Obviously, drug and alcohol abuse can lead to dangerous impairment at work. But for the 10 percent of American doctors thought to be struggling with active addiction to drugs or alcohol, the stakes are much higher. Hospitals have a responsibility to closely monitor their physicians for signs of [...]

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