Jim Vititoe Named to Prestigious Super Lawyers List for 11th Consecutive Year

CDC report sheds light on the cost of crash injuries

It is not news that car accidents can cause lifelong, debilitating injuries. These injuries can lead to people having to find new careers, or even stop working all together. Others will find themselves being billed for tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical services. These are services and treatments that, in many cases, were needed to save their lives — and are continuously needed try and improve or maintain their quality of life.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published a report highlighting the financial damage caused by motor vehicle accidents. The results may be shocking to some of our California readers.  [...]

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Could the ‘drive a dirty car campaign’ go too far?

In January, Gov. Jerry Brown declared that California was in an emergency drought situation. The need to conserve precious and dwindling water resources in the state prompted the “drive a dirty car” campaign. The public awareness push challenges residents to go an entire month without washing their car.  The campaign has received more of a favorable response than some supporters originally may have expected. In fact, since January, water usage has dropped by 5 percent — although the statistic doesn’t specifically factor in the no-wash movement. “We had no idea how this would go down,” said Nancy Broschart, management analyst at Ventura Water.  The campaign is [...]

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Vititoe Law Group Opens Oxnard, CA Location

Vititoe Law Group is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in downtown Oxnard, CA. This office will expand the service area of our firm and help Vititoe Law Group attorneys represent injured individuals that live throughout Ventura County including the Oxnard, Ventura and the Camarillo areas. "We are really looking forward to making an immediate impact in the Oxnard community," said Jim Vititoe, founder of the Vititoe Law Group. "We have been working with the wonderful people of Oxnard and Ventura for a long time now- it only makes sense that our law firm have a physical presence there." Focusing on helping those [...]

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How should I respond to a fender-bender?

Auto accidents can be devastating. They can be destructive, injurious and even fatal. Severe accidents may make headlines, but even seemingly minor accidents can result in enough property and bodily damage to be noteworthy. If you have recently been involved in a fender-bender, you may feel disoriented. You may have questions about whether or not your accident is “significant” enough to contact an attorney about. In general, it is better to be safe than sorry. What does this guidance mean practically? It means that in the wake of all kinds of auto accidents, individuals find themselves in need of an attorney’s expertise. Whether it is to [...]

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Questioning the licensure of partially-blind truck drivers

We frequently write about the hazards of distracted, drunk, drowsy and aggressive driving. Although each of these hazards is distinct, they all share a common thread. In each scenario, motorists who operate their vehicles while impaired, distracted, drowsy or emotionally agitated risk a failure to accurately perceive the road around them. Numerous studies confirm that detracting from the task of driving in any way places motorists at an increased risk for being involved in an accident. It is therefore disconcerting that the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration continues to grant licensure to commercial truck drivers who are blind in one eye. In general, federal regulations prohibit [...]

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To keep elderly drivers safe, seek regular checkups

Every individual ages in different ways. For example, some individuals start to need glasses once they reach the age of retirement, even though their vision has been perfect for their entire lives before this point. Other individuals maintain perfect eyesight well into their 90s. Because there is no master formula for aging, it is inappropriate to treat all elderly drivers as either capable or disadvantaged in the same ways. Instead, it is important for all elderly drivers to seek regular medical checkups in which their capacities for safe driving are assessed. Some individuals will pass these checkups with flying colors for the remainder of their lives. [...]

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Head Traumas in Car Accidents Can Have Lasting Effects

By Larry Bodine, Publisher of The National Trial Lawyers Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability in California, contributing to about 30% of all injury deaths. Every day, 138 people in the United States die from injuries that include TBI, and those who survive a TBI can face effects that may last the rest of their lives. Motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of TBI Among all age groups, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. When looking at just TBI-related deaths, motor vehicle crashes were the second leading cause of TBI-related deaths for 2006-2010. Effects [...]

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