How safe are the trucks currently on the road?

We recently wrote about the potential safety implications of the restart rollback provisions contained within the most recent federal appropriations bill. We noted that because truck drivers are no longer required to obtain a certain level of rest before operating their vehicles that they could potentially pose an increasingly significant safety risk to themselves and those around them. Unfortunately, fatigued truck drivers are not the only reason why Americans can reasonably fear the risk of being involved in injurious or fatal truck accidents. Commercial big rigs are not always properly maintained and therefore can serve as a significant risk factor when it comes to the probability [...]

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The safety implications of the restart rollback bill

Complex political realities contributed to the passage of the latest federal appropriations bill. Because the bill needed to be passed with a sense of urgency, many lawmakers chose to take advantage of this fact and tacked a host of pet projects onto the bill. One of the pet projects added onto the appropriations bill is a rollback of the current restart provisions required of the trucking industry. When the president signed the appropriations bill, he also effectively halted the current restart provisions mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means that commercial truck drivers are no longer required to limit the restart of their [...]

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Seeking compensation for airplane-related injuries

Many Americans have a fear of flying. However, airplanes provide an incredibly convenient way to travel long distances in a short amount of time. As a result, many individuals work to process their fear of flying in ways that allow them to travel by plane. Commercial airplane crashes are very rare. Americans are far more likely to suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident than they are in an aviation accident. Unfortunately, a fear of flying may be otherwise well-founded. There are numerous ways that travelers may be harmed during the course of airplane travel. Once harmed, individuals may be able to seek compensation for their [...]

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Top healthcare tech hazards plaguing patient safety: Part II

We recently began a discussion about the top technology-related hazards affecting patient safety today. We noted that utilizing potentially hazardous technology does not usually constitute an act of medical malpractice. However, if healthcare providers fail to use technology properly or use hazardous technology in negligent ways, these acts may rise to the level of malpractice in certain cases. Patient safety should be the primary consideration for both healthcare providers and hospital administrators. Unfortunately, factors like time, money, inadequate education and others contribute to a medical culture unfocused on safety. As a result, patients remain at risk of harm resulting from numerous technological innovations coupled with negligent [...]

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Top healthcare tech hazards plaguing patient safety: Part I

For the fourth consecutive year, the independent organization known as ECRI has published a list of the top ten most dangerous systems and devices currently plaguing healthcare. It is hoped that the information contained within this list will inspire both manufacturers and healthcare facilities to reevaluate their approaches in regards to utilizing these devices and systems. Absent reform, patients may be unnecessarily harmed by this technology. Using a potentially dangerous device or system does not generally constitute medical malpractice. However, failure to prevent medical harm when the risk is well documented may be grounds for negligence claims. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers, facilities and providers [...]

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Better understanding California’s fatal bike accident problem

Earlier this week, we discussed the fact that California leads the nation in bicycle accident fatalities. We noted that with the sole exception of Florida, no other state even comes close to matching California’s rate of fatal bicycle accidents. This information is valuable, as it should inspire state and local lawmakers to embrace reforms designed to keep bike riders safer in the future. However, this statistic alone is not enough to understand the roots of the problem itself. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, over 700 cyclists were killed on American roads in 2012 alone. More than 120 of those fatalities occurred in California. The [...]

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California leads the nation in terms of bicycle fatalities

California is arguably the most versatile state in the nation. Within its borders, California boasts snowcapped mountains and scorching deserts, beaches that are warm year-round and waters that are generally never warm enough to swim in comfortably. If you love any particular outdoor activity, you can likely find a place to do that activity in California. And this is just one of the reasons why so many cyclists can be found on California roads and trails at any given time of the year. Unfortunately, while California may lead the nation in versatile outdoor experiences, it also leads the nation in some of the most devastating consequences [...]

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