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Do you fear being injured or killed in a plane crash? – Part I

Some Americans have more pressing fears of being either injured or killed in a plane crash than others do. Many people are so frightened of this potential occurrence that they either refuse to fly or must self-medicate when they do fly in order to keep their anxieties in check. Even though air travel is far safer than traveling by motor vehicle, there are certainly no guarantees that one will arrive at one’s destination safely via air travel.

Thankfully, there are a few steps that those who are particularly fearful of air travel can take in order to feel more mentally and physically prepared for a potential crash. Taking any of these proactive steps may help to ease one’s mind and make air travel just a bit more manageable.

First, consider dressing with your concerns in mind. Although a crash is unlikely, if one did occur, you might need to run away from the wreckage as quickly as possible. If you are wearing high heels, a skirt and a complex scarf that can be easily tangled, you will be less able to run quickly than you would be if you wore more sensible shoes, loose pants and a top that is not prone to snagging.

Similarly, you will increase your odds of surviving any kind of accident if you remain fit and healthy. If you need to travel by air quite frequently, the possibility of needing your body to “fire on all cylinders” during an air emergency can be a powerful inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle.

Please check back next week as we will be continuing our discussion on this timely topic.

Source: CNN, “10 ways to boost chances of surviving a plane crash,” Thom Patterson, Feb. 6, 2015

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