How long does it take to become distracted while driving?

We frequently write about the hazards associated with distracted driving. We have discussed technology and educational campaigns designed to curb this behavior. We have also noted that numerous kinds of distraction are hazardous. It is understandable that most technology and educational campaigns are currently focused on reducing the prevalence of interacting with electronic communication devices while driving. However, it is important to understand that distraction in any form can lead to an injurious or fatal accident.

According to scientists employed by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, drivers negatively impact their personal safety and the safety of those around them when they glance away from the road for as briefly as two seconds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially recommends that drivers limit their in-vehicle glances to two seconds or fewer. However, even glances that last two seconds are dangerous due to the period of readjustment that a driver’s eyes experience when returning his or her gaze to the road.

These findings apply whether a driver’s gaze has wandered to the vehicle’s radio dials, a cellphone or a crying toddler seated in the back of the vehicle. Although most American adults and teens now understand that texting while driving can be lethally distracting, many Americans remain unaware of the fact that distraction in numerous forms can cause injurious and even fatal accidents when a driver’s glance wanders from the road for as little as two consecutive seconds.

Please avoid distracted driving to the absolute best of your ability. Failure to pay proper attention to this issue may cost you your life.

Source: Claims Journal, “In-Vehicle Two Second Glance Increases Driving Risk: Liberty Mutual,” April 16, 2015

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