PRESS RELEASE: Erin Brockovich hosting town hall meeting

GARDENA, CA – Erin Brockovich is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow, April, 30th, at the Gardena Elks Lodge, 1735 West 162nd Street; Gardena, California. The meeting will take place 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Press is invited to meet with Erin at 5:00pm.

She will provide answers and respond to community questions and concerns. It is her intention to help the community uncover the source of the issues with their water which has repeatedly come out of faucets, showers, and toilets as a dark, malodorous sludge. Some important questions Erin will be discussing:

  • Where is the money and the plan for infrastructure repair?
  • Who will pay for all of the millions of gallons of water flushed into the Los Angeles County Storm System?
  • Where is all of the sediment, heavy metals, debris, biofilm and highly chloraminated/chlorinated water being discharged? Is Golden State Water Company now creating other violations of the Clean Water Act?
  • The months of providing black (manganese) and brown (iron) drinking water to the communities (Gardena, Lawndale and Hawthorne) is completely unacceptable.
  • Golden State Water Company’s representation that the water is safe is false and dangerously misleading. Just because there is no requirement to test for these constituents in the distribution systems does not mean the water is safe to drink… any one can SEE, SMELL or God forbid TATSE there is something wrong; the practice of claiming safety at the tap as regulatory compliance at the source is OVER.
  • Golden State Water Company has failed to maintain their drinking water distribution system causing biofouling, nitrification, corrosive conditions, iron and manganese accumulation and sludge and sediment buildup.
  • Golden State Water Company is blending incompatible water sources without regard for the resulting chemistry. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provides a blend of chloraminated surface waters to Golden State Water Company… Golden State Water Company then in order to save on costs supplements with locally produced chlorinated groundwater from wells.
  • Golden State Water Company is in the sole business of providing safe reliable drinking water… and yet…this is what consumer is provided and then they are lied to and told it is safe.


Robert Bowcock

Melissa Dutcher

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