Doctors’ skills, knowledge can erode after long hiatus

People in Southern California step away from their jobs all the time. They may become a stay-at-home parent or caregiver to an ill loved one, or they may have to deal with a serious illness of their own. After several years, the person may decide that it is time to return to work. But in many specialized fields, things change quickly. Practices and techniques that were the norm five or 10 years ago may now be totally out of date. If the field we are talking about is medicine, a patient’s health and safety could be in the hands of a rusty and behind-the-times physician. [...]

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Vititoe Law Group Awards Scholarship To Outstanding Young Man

Vititoe Law Group is excited to announce that Joseph W. Cook is the winner of the 2015 James W. Vititoe Award, a college scholarship that was created to recognize a Ventura County high school student who both excels academically and demonstrates outstanding leadership potential. Joseph is an outstanding young man that will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall and will be majoring in Physics. He is the son of a Navy Officer who as a result of his father’s job, has lived all throughout the United States and overseas. Along with information about their GPA and extra-curricular activities, applicants were asked to [...]

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NTSB pushing for collision avoidance technology – Part II

During our last post, we began a discussion about the National Transportation Safety Board and collision avoidance technology. We noted that the NTSB recently released an extensive report regarding this new technology. In the report, the agency essentially calls for auto manufacturers to install this technology in all new light and commercial vehicle models. Although the auto industry has avoided widespread installation of this technology due to its costs, the NTSB chairman has insisted that if consumers do not pay more for seat belts, they should not have to pay more for collision avoidance technology. According to the agency, widespread installation of this technology could prevent [...]

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NTSB pushing for collision avoidance technology – Part I

There was a time when seat belts were not automatically installed in vehicles. Over time, as the public began to understand that seat belts save lives, seat belts became more common. Eventually, installation of these safety devices became mandatory for auto manufacturers. As the seat belt example illustrates, the auto industry does not always embrace safety technology of its own accord. Oftentimes, public awareness and regulatory pressure serve as necessary catalysts in order to inspire the auto industry to keep motorists and passengers safe. It seems that this trend is set to continue regarding the matter of collision avoidance technology. […]

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NHTSA to become a more effective watchdog?

We frequently write about the actions of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As the federal agency most directly tasked with ensuring the safety of the nation’s roadway travelers, the priorities, values, actions and inactions of the NHTSA affect nearly every American at one time or another. It is ultimately important to keep abreast of this agency’s evolution because the NHTSA directly influences the safety or lack of safety that the nation’s motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are subject to on a regular basis. Over the past few years, the NHTSA has become the subject of criticism from lawmakers, safety organizations and the public. Although the agency [...]

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