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Teen big-rig truckers crossing state lines: good or bad idea?

It “is a terrible idea, and it will result in more crashes, more deaths and more injuries,” says Jackie Gillan, the president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a national alliance of groups promoting positive roadway outcomes. Not true, counters a leading lobbyist for the American Trucking Associations (ATA), who says that it is actually a sensible proposition and hardly akin to “just opening the barn doors to these young horses to run.” […]

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Yes, that was a robot that just prepped your hospital room

You pay a premium — no doubt about that — for the hospital in-patient “experience,” so you certainly want things done in a timely and conscientious manner. In a medical facility, doing things right centrally encompasses hospital administrators and staff members ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Although many people might reasonably believe that this is not much of a problem and a readily achieved goal in all instances (after all, hospitals are places where people go to rid themselves of ailments and to get better), hospital environments are actually quite problematic when it comes to germs and other nasty things. […]

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What is the Office of Defects, and what does it do?

It seems to be the case that a federal office tasked with broad oversight of vehicle safety issues relating to both passenger and commercial vehicles and equipment could use a bit more oversight itself. Put another way: In response to the question of what it is precisely that the so-called Office of Defects Investigation does, the answer might reasonably seem to be that the ODI does very little, and that much of what it does focus upon is not done particularly well. […]

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Fatal bus accident case revived after lower-court ruling vacated

A wrongful death personal injury case that Greyhound Lines Inc. thought it had won in a California superior court was given new life and a green light to proceed late last month when a state appellate court reversed the lower court’s ruling that had favored the national bus company. Some of our readers might well recall the tragic bus accident that killed 11 passengers and injured 21 others in October 2008, when an apparently exhausted bus driver lost control of his vehicle, which crashed in a drainage ditch. The crash occurred in northern California. […]

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NHTSA slams automaker for defects, wrongdoing

Automakers sometimes receive the proverbial slap on the wrist from national safety regulators, with government agencies alleging acts of negligence or wrongdoing that result in admonitory warnings, threats of safety recalls and fines and additional responses that don’t exactly inspire fear or quick industry compliance. Fiat Chrysler could do with a bit of that right now, as the recently combined motor vehicle manufacturer is contemplating a just-inked settlement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that actually bites as well as barks. […]

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