State officials say traffic fatalities again on the rise in California

After several years of considerable improvements in safety, the annual number of traffic deaths is again on the rise in California. In fact, in 2010 there were fewer California traffic fatalities than during any other year since World War II, but there has been a 13 percent increase since 2010. So why is the state seeing an uptick in fatal accidents now? And why do state officials expect the trend to continue? […]

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L.A. Road Vehicle Fatalities Show Little Disparity

Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, or, driving a private passenger vehicle, every time you get on the road in Los Angeles, you’re at-risk for an accident. It’s no secret the streets pose a danger to everyone on them, and, the statistics bear this fact out. In fact, City of Angels drivers kill bicyclists and pedestrians way above the national average, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The reason? It’s simply a matter of sheer exposure, where there’s such density, 7,000 people per square mile, there are going to be more collisions. Injury and fatality crashes are quite commonplace, [...]

L.A. is the second largest pedestrian death city in the country

You’ve probably heard the cliche, “nobody walks in L.A.” Well, the numbers certainly don’t support that misnomer, and what’s worse, the grim statistics demonstrate quite a different, grim reality. Los Angeles is only second the the Big Apple in the numbers of pedestrian deaths. In the latest figures available, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that about 100 pedestrians are killed each year in the City of Angels, that’s not many less than NYC, which had nearly 130 pedestrian deaths. Bicyclists certainly don’t fare much better in L.A., and, if you’re a male, over 20 years of age, and live in [...]

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Beware those rainy day Los Angeles commutes

What do you think is the most dangerous and deadly driving condition? Is it snow or ice? Nope; turns out its rain. So if it seems rainy commutes are the most dangerous times to drive, it’s not just your imagination; it’s a statistical fact. A new analysis of federal data shows rain causes more driving fatalities than snow in 39 out of 50 states. In fact, car accidents are the deadliest weather hazard in the United States – whether caused by rain, snow, fog or wind – and kill about 7,000 Americans a year. Over eleven years, California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and National Oceanic [...]

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Surprised? Yet another — and massive — vehicle recall

Is it any wonder that many millions of Americans view would-be exculpatory statements made by automotive executives at press conferences and before congressional bodies with a strong measure of cynicism? How much backpedaling, restating, rationalizing and no-comment responses have American consumers grown accustomed to hearing over the years? […]

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A look at the persistent problem of medical misdiagnosis: Part 2

We alluded to the seemingly intractable problem of misdiagnosis in medical facilities across the United States in our immediately preceding blog post. In today’s entry, we spotlight some of the catalysts that notably contribute to diagnostic error. Here’s an initial point to note on that subject: There are lots — truly, lots — of reasons why a wrong medical diagnosis results following a patient exam. A recent article notes some of the more prominent culprits that underlie wrong diagnostic calls. […]

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Diagnostic error: far from an underwhelming medical concern

It’s certainly reasonable to assume that the bottle of pills you’re now carrying out of a Ventura County pharmacy that were prescribed by your doctor contain the correct medication for dealing with your diagnosed medical condition, right? If you want an updated answer to that question, one is likely forthcoming relatively soon, and we will be sure to pass along the details. The influential U.S. Institute of Medicine is slated to weigh in next month with a revised report regarding the degree to which medical misdiagnosis is — and persistently continues to be — a problem in American medicine. […]

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NSC: Road safety issues galore in early 2015

The National Safety Council has revealed some data about car accidents in the first half of 2015, and the results are dismaying. According to the NSC, drivers have traveled a little bit more in the first half of the year. In 2007, the previous high for miles traveled in first half of the year, drivers logged 1.23 trillion miles. This year, it was up to 1.26 trillion miles. That’s a pretty modest increase from the previous high, and it isn’t too far from other previous years (roughly a 3.4 percent increase, according to the source article). But here’s the dismaying part: despite this modest increase in [...]

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