A number of considerations involved in a bus accident

Some people might believe that bus accidents are singular in the sense that the ability of injured victims to file recovery lawsuits is circumscribed simply because a bus was involved. That is generally not the case at all. As we note on the Bus Accident Page of our personal injury website at the Ventura County-based Vititoe Law Group, personal injury lawsuits in bus accident cases “can be usually filed against both public and private companies.” […]

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Scrutiny of passenger train safety in Southern California, Part 2

Our blog post today continues with a theme we initially addressed in an entry from last week, namely, commuter train safety in Southern California. Our October 20 post detailed train-related events of major importance and concern that have occurred in the region and that have been tragically bookmarked by two seminal occurrences. As we noted in last week’s post, a 2008 freight train/Metrolink commuter train collision occurring in Chatsworth killed 28 people. And just a few short months ago, another deadly Metrolink crash played out near Oxnard, when a truck and train collided at a crossing. That accident took the life of a train engineer and [...]

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California road deaths: reversal of downward trend, Part 2

It is certainly food for thought to see the word “only” in a sentence that refers to the 2,739 traffic deaths that reportedly occurred on California roadways in 2010. By any measuring stick, that number would seem notably high and remarkably sad. It equates, on average, to more than seven people dying in motor vehicle accidents on state roads every single day of the year. […]

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