5 Things NOT to Say to an Insurance Company After a Car Accident

In the latest figures available from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, there were 6.26 road fatalities per 100,000 residents in the Golden State in 2014. Similarly, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety, annual statewide traffic deaths stood at 3,000 during 2013. In the county of Los Angeles, the California Office of Traffic Safety recorded a total of 29,032 car crash deaths and injuries during 2013. Of those, 2,381 involved a drunk driver, 1,234 involved motorcycles, 2,340 involved bicycles, and 2,863 involved pedestrians. Such figures amply demonstrate Los Angeles County is a dangerous place to be on the road. With so many auto [...]

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Safety Tips for Driving in Rainy Weather

With El Niño in full swing, motorists can expect adverse driving conditions on the roads. Regardless of where you are in the Los Angeles area, the current weather forecast is a lot of rain. Wet roads, strong winds, and impaired visibility are dangerous combinations. Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle, regardless of size or power, during foul conditions, means having to be prepared for anything. It’s important to know and practice driving safety in rainy weather and it starts before you even buckle-up. Rain Car Crash Statistics demonstrate Real Danger Though rain is a generally common occurrence, it remains a driving hazard. While counterintuitive, rain [...]

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Commercial Truck Accidents in Palmdale

Nestled in the central, northern, region of Los Angeles County, Palmdale, California is known as “A place to call home.” Like so many other parts of the country, Palmdale, relies on the trucking industry to bring goods into the city and thankfully, commerce is alive and well. Commercial trucks are both part of our economy, and traffic, transporting goods across long distances. Driving alongside passenger vehicles, these tractor-trailers, or, big rigs, weigh an astonishing 20 times more than the average private automobile. In fact, there are more than 5.6 million of these giants traveling the roads, according to figures published by the California Department of Motor [...]

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The Troubling Takata Airbag Recall Widens

A hard, cold fact is every vehicle on the road is in danger of being involved in an auto accident. Whenever we get behind the wheel or sit in a passenger seat, most of us take for granted the numerous safety features in which our car is equipped while indulging all the new-age comforts. Today’s automobile provides far more safety and technology than what they did just a decade ago, from integrated navigation, communication and musical systems as well as their sleek styling and great gas mileage. We all want to arrive safely at our next destination, even if it’s a few blocks or several hundred [...]

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