The Difference Between a Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Case

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between a worker’s compensation and personal injury case, you are certainly not alone. These two similar-seeming cases are different, but the reason why might surprise you. The most important distinction is based on either assigning fault to one or more parties or not having to prove fault at all. In a personal injury case, you must prove another party is at fault. Some examples of personal injury cases are car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and other comparable circumstances where negligence is central cause of the accident and ultimately to the success of a lawsuit. In workers’ compensation claims, the [...]

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The Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Orange County

The most dangerous roads and highways in Orange County are the scenes for many car crashes, property damage, bodily injuries, and even lives, year after year. It’s no secret in the Golden State, Orange County streets are among the most dangerous to drive or bike. Whether you’re in a sedan, minivan, truck, or SUV, it’s a risk to take to the roads each and every time you drive. We’ve done a little digging to identify which Orange County roads pose the most safety hazards and some of them might surprise you. The Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Orange County There are several reasons roads pose [...]

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Understanding Auto Insurance Policies and Limits

It’s important to have a solid understanding of auto insurance policies and limits under California law. In the Golden State, auto insurance is required to operate a vehicle; it’s also required to register an automobile and to renew a car’s registration. In fact, even if a car is parked on a public street and not driven, insurance is still required to cover a non-operated vehicle. The fact is, motorists must recognize their need for adequate insurance. After all, no one can predict when and where you or anyone else may be in an auto accident. Accidents happen all the time, under every imaginable condition. This is [...]

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The Most Dangerous Roads & Highways in Palmdale

Many people have been seriously injured or lost their lives while driving on the some of the most dangerous roads and highways in California which happen to be in Palmdale and the Antelope Valley. Grim headlines read, “Bicyclist Killed in Collision with SUV,” “Lancaster Woman Killed in Rollover Crash,” and “Palmdale Man Dies in Fiery Crash.” The fact is, Palmdale and the State of California have some of the deadliest roadways in the entire nation. Getting on some roads presents real risk and you should know which are the most dangerous. The Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Palmdale In the latest statistics available, there were [...]

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