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5 Ways Trial Lawyers are Consumer Advocates

Consumers are bombarded with corporate messaging each and every day by every means imaginable. In a free but regulated marketplace, consumers enjoy a wide range of products and services. Ideally, companies would work hard to provide the best quality and experience to outperform the competition. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and some corporations use deceptive or collusive practices in order to make a profit. In such instances, consumers lose in a number of ways.

5 Ways Trial Lawyers are Consumer Advocates

A set of laws, known as “consumer protections,” exist to assure consumers are not victimized. In 1914, the Federal Trade Commission Act was passed. Then, in 1968, the Consumer Credit Protection Act or Truth in Lending Act passed. In 1972, the United States Congress established the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act passed in 1996 and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established in 2010-2011.

Historically, consumer advocates have assumed a somewhat adversarial role in exposing unfair business practices or unsafe products that threaten the welfare of the general public. Consumer advocates use tactics like publicity, boycotts, letter-writing campaigns, and lawsuits to raise awareness of issues affecting consumers and to counteract the financial and political power of the organizations they target. —Inc.com

All of these measures are designed specifically to address consumer concerns and provide an avenue of redress when wronged. However, we all see the headlines. Whether it’s car manufacturers, drug manufacturers, privately held or publicly traded companies, practically every industry has violated consumer rights. It could be defective products, misleading advertising, unfulfilled services, or many other scenarios. To right the wrongs done to consumers, plaintiff trial lawyers balance the scales of justice and work hard to defend their legal rights, as well as the rights of others. Trial attorneys seek justice for their clients and can send a big message to the corporations when a settlement is reached. The process can take many months or years to develop theories, gather evidence, interview witnesses, enlist the help of experts, and more, in order to litigate a matter. Here are five ways trial lawyers are consumer advocates:

  1. Trial Lawyers fight to uphold the law. Just because these various regulatory laws and agencies exist doesn’t mean consumers will not be harmed in some way, shape, or form. Trial attorneys fight to uphold existing laws so consumers’ rights are preserved.
  2. Trial Lawyers to change the law. There are times when the law does not contain sufficient recourse for consumers’ rights. In these instances, trial lawyers work to change the law for the better to provide needed protections not yet in existence.
  3. Trial Lawyers give a bigger voice to the little guy. In classic David & Goliath situation, big corporations are able to use their power and money in ways that oppress the “little guy”. People can be harmed and not have a voice to fight back to gain justice. But trial attorneys take up their causes and bring matters to courts of law, giving the individuals a bigger and louder voice through unity.
  4. Trial Lawyers help to keep people and corporations honest. When trial attorneys do their jobs and do them well, it sends a strong message to corporations and individuals, making them accountable for their actions. It serves as a loud and clear warning that consumers have rights and trial attorneys will fight hard to protect them.
  5. Trial Lawyers keep the public in-the-know about important issues. You’ve likely heard of class action lawsuits, mass tort, and multidistrict litigation. These are legal remedies which often grab news headlines, involving many plaintiff consumers against one or more defendants. As a result, the public becomes aware and educated about important issues. Lawyers provide information on websites and blogs, too which help answer questions and educate the public too.

If you or a loved one has been harmed and need someone to help your voice be heard, you should contact an experienced personal injury trial lawyer. Please contact Vititoe Law Group for a free evaluation of your case. We will be happy to explain your legal rights and explore if you are possibly entitled to compensation.

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