Children Who Suffer Mild Concussions Adversely Affected into Adulthood

Youths who suffer even mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are more likely to have serious issues later in life, including psychological disorders and premature mortality, according to a study published by PLOS online. Patients who had suffered from at least one concussion, or mild TBI, had long term data analyzed by Seena Favel, MD, professor of forensic psychiatry at the University of Oxford and her colleagues. The patients, who were all born between 1973 and 1985, were an average age of 13 years old when they were injured. They were tracked for an average of eight years after reaching age 26. The research team found that [...]

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Study Shows Driving is Affected Even After Concussion Symptoms Are Gone

A concussion can impair a person’s driving ability after all the symptoms have resolved, according to a study conducted at the University of Georgia’s College of education. Participants in the study were tested using a driving simulator. Researchers found that many participants tended to drive erratically despite feeling that they were completely recovered from their concussions. In some cases, the participants drove as if they were under the influence of alcohol. Concussion Patients Should Refrain from Driving This is the first study to closely observe the way a concussion affects a person’s ability to drive. Published in the journal Neurotrauma, the study involved 14 participants, all [...]

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Federal Safety Rules Aimed at Distracted Driving by Truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the entity responsible for promoting the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMV’s) and reducing the number and severity of crashes. In 2009 the FMCSA released crash data that showed that 4808 highway fatalities involved large trucks. These numbers, although lower than previous years, remain high due to the factor of distracted driving among CMV drivers. Restrictions were introduced jointly by the FMCSA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) in 2010. The new set of rules was designed specifically to prohibit the use of hand held mobile devices for talking and texting by interstate truck [...]

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Hands Free Devices as Distracting to Drivers as Hand Held Study Shows

The fact that distracted is a leading cause of traffic accidents is well known. The behaviors to receive most of the blame are texting or talking on cell phones and tablets. Recent lawsuits have brought attention to other forms of distraction such as Facetime, GPS navigation and even playing Pokémon Go. It has been proven many times that any handheld distractions impair a driver’s ability to focus on the task of safe driving. Lately however, research has shown that hands-free devices do not offer the safety over handheld devices as originally thought. A recent study by the University of Sussex has indicated that hands-free devices can [...]

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What is a Whiplash Injury and Why Are They So Common with Rear End Collisions?

When one hears the term whiplash, an image may come to mind of a client in a neck brace, sitting in a courtroom with his lawyer, claiming debilitating pain and suffering from a rear end collision. The term has, for a long time, been connected to unscrupulous legal claims, so much that many personal injury attorneys avoid the term entirely, replacing it with hyperextension or cervical strain or sprain. Regardless of what it is called, whiplash and the pain associated with it, is a very real condition as any victim will testify. Why Whiplash Injuries Happen It is a misconception that whiplash has been virtually eliminated [...]

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Defective Products Injure Thousands of Children Each Year

This week 447,000 Lil Frog toys, from Little Live Pets, by Moose Toys were recalled due to exploding batteries that caused several injures to children. No matter how careful parents are when buying products for children that caution is not always enough to see the hidden dangers. It is not only toys that can be hazardous but even products designed for the safety of children. An average of 25 products per month are recalled per, a website that lists recalled, defective products every month. These are not only the obvious, like toys with removable parts that create a choking hazard, but safety products like car [...]

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How Do FMCSR Violations Impact a California Truck Crash Lawsuit?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) can have an appreciable impact in a California truck crash case, involving injuries or fatalities, in regards to recovering damages. All commercial vehicles, weighing more than 10.000 lbs. or used to transport hazardous materials, and are used for interstate commerce are bound by the FMCSR. Both trucking companies and their employees are held to stringent safety standards under the FMCSR. An “employee” is defined as a full-time driver for the company or an independent contractor hired by the trip. A California truck crash attorney, equipped with the proper skills, will know exactly how to leverage FMCSR violations against the [...]

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Workplace Burn Injuries – Who is Responsible?

Injuries to four workers in an explosion were determined to be the result of failure to handle hazardous materials properly and failure to respond. The resulting inferno forced two of the workers to scale an 8-foot fence topped with barbed wire to escape certain death. An investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that Arboris LLC, in Newark, Ohio, did not have an emergency shut down system in place and violated process safety management procedures for the handling of hazardous materials. The company was issued one willful safety violation as well as 35 serious and five other-than serious safety violations from OSHA on [...]

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I Was Hurt in an Accident with a Parcel Delivery Truck – What Are My Rights?

The number of parcel delivery trucks on the nations roadways has increased significantly in recent years due to the popularity of consumer online purchasing. Along with the increase in delivery trucks the number of delivery truck accidents has also increased. Although not as dangerous as their larger counterparts – dump trucks and semi-trucks – these step vans still weigh between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds. Vehicles of this size can cause substantial damage to smaller vehicles and serious injury to the occupants. How Parcel Delivery Truck Accidents Happen A very familiar sight in every neighborhood at any time of day, these delivery trucks keep businesses flowing. Delivery [...]

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