Defective Products Injure Thousands of Children Each Year

This week 447,000 Lil Frog toys, from Little Live Pets, by Moose Toys were recalled due to exploding batteries that caused several injures to children. No matter how careful parents are when buying products for children that caution is not always enough to see the hidden dangers. It is not only toys that can be hazardous but even products designed for the safety of children.

An average of 25 products per month are recalled per, a website that lists recalled, defective products every month. These are not only the obvious, like toys with removable parts that create a choking hazard, but safety products like car seats. Parents can check the Kidsafe website to see if any products they have or are considering are listed. Sadly, many injuries may occur prior to items being recalled. In 2010 there were over 80,000 children, under the age of five, treated for injuries in the emergency department with injuries associated with nursery products.

Children’s Products Most Frequently Recalled

Despite stringent safety regulations, the possibility always exists for a children’s product to be hazardous. The regulations are even tighter for infants and toddlers, due to the vulnerability or these age groups. Some of the products that are most frequently recalled are listed below:

· Strollers and carriages

· Infant carriers

· Cribs and mattresses

· Car seats

· High chairs

· Playpens

· Barriers and gates

· Bottle warmers

· Clothing

· Jewelry

· Toys

67% of the injuries to children were from products in the first five categories

The Types of Injuries Sustained from Defective Children’s Products

Falls account for the greatest number of product related child injuries. Falls from bunk beds, high chairs, bikes, trikes and other riding toys and down the stairs due to defective barrier and gates are the most numerous causes of injuries. Facial and cranial injuries, in the form of abrasions and contusions were the most common. Other less frequent injuries associated with defective children’s products are:

· Drowning – Bath seats and bassinettes are associated with the greatest number of drownings among infants and toddlers.

· Poisoning – Although there are strict regulations in place, only a small number of imported products are tested for lead, chromium and other toxic substances which may be present in toy and furniture finishes.

· Choking – In younger children from snaps and buttons, detachable toy parts and jewelry

· Lacerations

· Suffocation and asphyxiation

· Traumatic brain injury – Mostly from falls

· Head entrapment – From playpens, cribs and barriers.

· Broken bones

· Eye injury

Was Your Child Injured by a Defective Product?

There are two scenarios which lead to product recalls. The first is when the manufacturer, distributor, retailer or testing lab recognizes a potential hazard and a voluntary recall is issued. The second is when injuries have occurred, prompting a recall. It is, unfortunately, the second scenario that is the most common. Too often children become the victims of a defective product prior to a recall being issued. If your child was injured due to the use of a defective product, the manufacturer or distributor of that product could be held legally responsible. The first step towards receiving the compensation that you and your child deserve is to retain and experienced product liability lawyer.

Vititoe Law Group – Qualified Product Liability Attorneys

Product liability cases can be very complex, especially if the product was manufactured overseas. If the manufacturer does not carry liability insurance, is unavailable or insolvent, the distributor or importer may be held responsible in certain cases. The hazard may not only be in the product per se, but in the directions for use or even in the packaging. If the product was purchased and repackaged from bulk the liability may shift to the distributor. In some cases, the distributor may offer assembly or installation as a value added for the customer, which could assume the distributor additional liability. Product liability cases are not to be represented by generalist law firms but by those with experience in determining who shares in the liability and how to prove it. Vititoe Law Group is that law firm. Our product liability lawyers have successfully represented victims of defective products — winning substantial cash awards.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective or poorly designed product, call today for a free consultation or reach out to us online. 

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