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Common Misconceptions About Spinal Cord Injury


If you have not experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI) or worked closely with someone that has, chances are great that you are ignorant to some degree of what life with an SCI is really like. It is important that, through awareness education, families who are learning to cope with SCI do not use the wrong ideas.

Some Myths and Misconceptions About Spinal Cord Injury

Never moving again is always the prognosis

Each persons injury and recovery results differ. There is always some loss of sensory and motor function, but at greatly varying levels. Even in a person classified as quadriplegic there may be limited use of the arms.

Youth allows for easier rehabilitation

Regarding SCI, each individual situation is different. The success of rehabilitation depends on the location and severity of the injury, they type of support the patient receive during recovery along with other factors related to each individual. When it comes to SCI a person’s recovery is not contingent on their age.

Having a family is out of the question

This has been disproven time and time again. People with an SCI can have children and sex can still be pleasurable. In fact, some women who experienced SCI report a greater sexual sensitivity and many are perfectly capable of carrying and caring for a child.

Men with SCI often have normal sperm counts but assisted reproductive technology may be required to free immotile sperm.

Falls account the majority of spinal cord injuries

The fact is that motor vehicle accidents account for the greatest number of SCI, followed by gunshot wounds. Falls hold the number three spot followed by sports and recreation related accidents.


SCI victims can never work again

Within one year of an SCI most people do return to work, many in the same job they had prior to their injury. Minor adjustments may be necessary for some. Occupational therapists are available to help some individuals find a new career path if necessary. With technological advances, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking that turn speech into text, employment is possible more SCI victims today.

A positive attitude does not matter

Attitude matters a great deal. The drive and motivation required to maximize a person’s independence level is influenced significantly by a positive attitude. With the right amount of dedication and proper treatment, full recovery may even be possible.

A person’s recovery progress is predictable

There are far too many variables with each individual case that make predicting the outcome impossible. Taking one day at a time and maintaining hope at all times is paramount.

Health insurance pays for everything

Many items that are needed like shower chairs, specialized wheelchairs and other adapted equipment are considered by the insurance companies to be luxury items and are not covered. Neither are home modifications and adapted vehicles with can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When it comes to insurance coverage it is basically the bare minimum.

There is little the family can do for support

The support of loved ones is crucial to a person’s recovery. The family needs to get involved in the treatment process as soon as possible since they will be taking over when the patient is moved back home and begins rehabilitation.

If Your Loved One Sustained a Spinal Cord Injury

Learning all the facts about your loved ones condition from a trusted source is extremely important. Your state of mind is fragile and it is easy to be led down a road of false information by the fears of others. Do not be misled. Talk to the doctors and others who are experienced in SCI. With the right facts provided, you will be better equipped to help your loved one down the best path to recovery.

The cost of a spinal cord injury over a lifetime is far beyond the means of the average family. Medical bills, special equipment, rehabilitation and lost income can total in the millions of dollars. Health insurance will cover only a fraction of the actual cost. Retaining the services of an experienced spinal cord injury attorney is imperative to recovering the money you will need for you and your loved one to have a future free from financial hardship.

Vititoe Law Group is a personal injury law firm that has helped many families, of spinal a injury victim, recover the money to which they are entitled. If your loved one sustained a spinal injury through the negligence or malice of another, call Vititoe Law Group or contact us online for a free evaluation of your case.

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