The Northern California Fires – A Look at the Aftermath


The Northern California wildfires left in their wake, paths of destruction that Californians have never known. Forty-two lives were lost and an estimated 8,400 structures were destroyed. Damage estimates for homes, businesses and property have climbed into the billions of dollars.

Witness accounts show that power lines owned by Pacific Gas and Electric fell during high winds igniting the fires.

What Victims of the Northern California Fires are Facing

Residents who lost homes and businesses are left desperately struggling to recover their lives. The emotional trauma caused by the disaster is just beginning to affect many, while some may not realize the trauma for weeks, months or even years. The lives people once knew are gone. Not only must they dig through the ashes, they must search deep in their emotions.

At Vititoe Law Group, we realize how hard it is to find hope among the ruins and the heartache.

Right now residential victims are facing many difficulties including:

· The loss of their home or business

· The emotional trauma that can blind one to hope

· Finding interim living and the means to pay for it

· Feeding themselves and their families

· Keeping their employment during times of great stress and emotional pain

· Recovering what they deserve from insurance and negligent parties

· Staying healthy while living in hotels, campgrounds and even vehicles.

Businesses that have been destroyed in great numbers, struggle to:

· Recover losses and rebuild

· Bring back lost business to those who suffered little or no damage

· Deal with commercial insurance companies and hold negligent parties accountable for damages.

· Retain their work force while recovering

· Recover money for lost farmland and vineyards

Agencies such as the Red Cross and FEMA are already in place to provide aid and assistance to victims, but more help is needed.

We Offer Hope to Victims of the Northern California Fires

At Vititoe Law Group we are here to bring both hope and help to victims of the wine country wildfires. Evidence has emerged that the faulty power equipment of PG&E caused some of the fires. We are continuing to investigate filing claims for victims who have lost homes, businesses and property, as well as those who have lost loved ones. We are also here to ensure that insurance companies pay claims without giving victims the runaround.

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