Electrocution: A Common Hazard at Home or at Work

Electric Power -- when it fails we realize how much we take it for granted. It is a modern convenience that we expect as part of our everyday life. Throw a switch or push in a plug and power is there when we need it. Although it is relatively safe in its contained state, the transmission and storage of electricity can be extremely dangerous. In the U.S., an average of 400 people die from electrocution annually and an additional 4400 are injured. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), electrocution is the second leading cause of death in the construction industry, exceeded only by [...]

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Why Should You Retain an Experienced California Truck Accident Attorney?

When a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle are involved in an accident the outcome is never good. The driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle may suffer severe injuries or even loss of life. In many accidents in California involving large commercial vehicles, negligence on the part of the driver or owner of the big rig was a contributing factor in the crash. It is imperative that anyone who was injured or lost someone in a crash, involving a commercial vehicle receives the aid of an experienced California truck accident attorney. When an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer loses control on the highway the results are often catastrophic. The [...]

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Only Seven States Require Seat Belts on School Buses – Why?

A recent horrific crash involving a school bus and a dump truck occurred on Thursday May, 17 on I-80 in New Jersey, taking the life of one young student and one adult and sending dozens to three area hospitals. The impact was so severe that the passenger section of the bus was completely separated from the chassis and rolled over after striking the guardrail. The front of the bus, as well as the trucks cab, was completely destroyed. The cause of the crash was still under investigation at the time of this article The outcome of this crash would have been a lot worse however, if [...]

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