Workplace Fatalities Break 5000 for the First Time


According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics news release posted in December 2017, workplace deaths rose by 7% in 2016 to a record 5,190.

“This is the third consecutive increase in annual workplace fatalities and the first time more than 5000 fatalities have been recorded by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries since 2008. The fatal injury rate increased to 3.6 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers from 3.4 in 2015, the highest rate since 2010.”

The BLS news release also revealed the following findings:

  • Transportation related work incidents still accounted for the highest percentage of deaths at 40%. That number includes 632 truck drivers, 116 farmers and 62 groundskeepers.
  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments resulting in death rose by 22%
  • Fatal slips, trips and falls on the job increased by 6%, with a 25% overall increase since 2011. For workers who routinely perform elevated work, such as roofers, carpenters and tree trimmers, deaths from falls increased by more than 25% in 2016. The same slip and fall fatality rate was true for truck drivers as well.
  • Overdoses of non-medical use drugs or alcohol caused a 32% increase in on-the-job fatalities. That number that has grown by a staggering 25% annually since 2012.
  • More than 25% of all work related fatalities occurred among transportation and material moving occupations, which showed an increase of 7% to 1388, the highest number since 2007.
  • Other occupations showing fatality increases greater than 10% are related to food preparation and serving (64%); installation, repair and maintenance (20%); building and grounds cleaning and maintenance (14%); and sales (11%).

The Highest Risk of Work Related Death by Job

With certain occupations like logging, fishing and piloting, the risk of fatal accidents occurring in remote locations comes with the job. Those jobs still remain atop the list where they have been since records have been kept, according to the latest Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. For the average worker the risk of death on the job is 3.6 per 100,000 full-time employees. For loggers that rate soars to 135.9 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers.

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in 2016


Rank                            Occupation                             Fatalities per               Total Deaths

100,000 workers


1                      Logging workers                                             135.9                           91


2                      Fishers and related fishing workers              96                                24


3                      Aircraft pilots and flight engineers                55.5                             75


4                      Roofers                                                           48.6                             101


5                      Trash and recycling collectors                        34.1                             31


6                      Iron and steel workers                                    25.1                             16


7                      Truck and sales drivers                                   24.7                             918


8                      Farmers, ranchers and other                          23.1                             260

agricultural managers


9                      First-line supervisors of construction             18                                134

trades and extraction workers


10                    Grounds maintenance workers                      17.4                             217


An Increase in Workplace Violence

In 2016 workplace violence became the second most common danger, surpassing slips, trips and falls. Homicides at work increased by 20% to 500 cases, the highest number since 2010.

“When people think of workplace violence, they think disgruntled employee going on a rampage. That’s a relatively rare form,” said James Alan Fox, professor of criminology at Northeastern University. “The overwhelming majority of workplace homicides, back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, as well as today, are basically robberies and assaults by customers – not coworkers.”

Police officers and cab drivers are common victims of on the job violence.

Police homicides on the job increased by 50% from 34 in 2015 to 51 in 2016, which is still historically low compared to the early 1990’s.

While workplace deaths for women are far less than for men, nearly a quarter of the 387 women who died at work in 2016 were homicide victims compared to 9% of men.

“Women with abusive partners may find a new place to live more quickly than they can change jobs,” Fox says. “And many workplaces aren’t secure.”

Workplace homicides are still a great deal less common than they were a few decades ago when the average in the U.S. was over 1000 per year, according to Fox.

Reversing the Trend of Workplace Fatalities

Although the importance of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management cannot be stressed enough, reversing the rising trend of workplace fatalities requires a combined effort of the entire organization from the CEO to middle management to the individual workers.  Absolute safety needs to be a common, prioritized goal for all members of the organization.


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