Asiana Airlines Flight 214

July 6, 2013: Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was supposed to be your standard safe international flight. Flight 214 originated from Incheon outside Seoul, South Korea, eventually crashing on final approach to San Francisco International Airport in the United States. A total of 307 people were aboard the Boeing 777. Reports indicate that three passengers died as a result of this devastating accident. Well over one hundred passengers and airlines staff were injured with numerous passengers being critically injured. Many of the passengers on the plane were Chinese residents who had started their day in Shanghai, China.

Asian Airlines Flight 214The last update received from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was issued on July 15, 2013. This update stated that the NTSB was closing its on-scene command post. The NTSB investigative team completed the examination of the airplane wreckage and runway. The wreckage will still be available for further examination if necessary at its secure storage location at San Francisco International Airport.

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