Hollywood Reporter, TMZ and Courthouse News Service covering lawsuit filed by Vititoe Law Group

October 25, 2013:

"Man Sues Lindsay Lohan Over 2012 Car Accident"

"Lindsay Lohan Sued Over PCH Car Crash"

"Lindsay Lohan Sued for Personal Injuries"

As Reported By TMZ: James Johnson says a bag of pills and a water bottle smelling of alcohol were found after the actress rear-ended him.

A motorist is suing Lindsay Lohan for injuries he says he sustained after being rear- ended by the actress in 2012.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, James Johnson claims Lohan slammed her black 2012 Porsche 911S into his vehicle as both were driving northbound on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.

Johnson alleges Lohan failed to adjust for slowing traffic, and that a bag of pills and a bottle smelling of alcohol were discovered in her car after the accident, which occurred June 8, 2012 at approximately 11:42 a.m. The suit also names Lohan's Crossheart Productions as a defendant for allegedly providing Lohan with the car despite knowing she was unfit to operate it. (click on links to read complete Hollywood Reporter, TMZ news updates and Courtroom News Service).