NFL Breaking News

August 29, 2013: The NFL and its former players have reached a settlement agreement in the amount of $765,000,000 in the infamous concussion case. Vititoe Law Group is very happy for the players it represents in this lawsuit, especially those that have suffered life altering injuries.

The funds will go towards compensating retired players who suffer from concussion related brain injuries. Additionally, the funds will help finance medical exams for retired players and ongoing research. Furthermore, families of deceased players who suffered from cognitive injuries will also be compensated.

It is a historic day for both the NFL and the sports world. The significance of this lawsuit was to ensure that the former NFL players received much needed and deserved compensation for suffering the long lasting effects of problematic neurological conditions that stemmed from concussion related injuries they encountered on the field. This is a great step in the right direction for the NFL to provide immediate support and care to the retired players and their families, along with promoting safety for athletes of all ages.