Catastrophic Sports Injuries

The safety of student athletes is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, with current budget cuts, inadequate supervision and/or training, athletes and physical education students have increased chances of serious injury. Catastrophic sports injuries killed 50 young athletes in 2010, and every year sports injuries put at least 30,000 high school athletes in the hospital.

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Managing Inherent Risks

Catastrophic injuries can never be eliminated in an action sports setting, but through effective risk management the inherent risks of the event can be reduced. The majority of catastrophic injuries occur at facilities, it is interesting to note, that do not conform to the rules.

Coaches, phys. ed. teachers and administrators are required to proved a safe environment for athletes in all sports. When they fail in their duties, you and your family may permanently affected.

Our attorneys help clients injured in a broad spectrum of situations, including:

  • Improper padding or inadequate helmets that result in concussions and injuries
  • Inadequate training of a coach who doesn't properly inspect a player's injury before letting him or her return to the game
  • Insufficient padding that results in broken bones or other injuries
  • Unskilled training of physical education teachers who ask students to do more than they are capable of doing

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