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At Vititoe Law Group, we believe deeply in providing the highest quality legal representation and to further this goal, we have opened an office in Irvine. Our caring and experienced legal staff knows the pain and suffering of those who've been involved in traffic accidents. In 2013 alone, there were 891 injury and fatality car crashes in the city of Irvine. Of these, 54 involved alcohol, 22 motorcycles, 36 pedestrians, and 56 bicyclists. In addition, 199 involved speeding, 49 occurred between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., and, 24 were hit and run, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Sadly, these figures do not deviate much from year to year. We recognize as citizens of the area, it's our responsibility to hold those liable accountable for their negligent actions. Our team has successfully represented victims involved in many types of accidents, including motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Vititoe Law Group's Irvine Office Location

You can stop by our new office at:

Vititoe Law Group (Irvine, CA Office Location)
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Phone: 949-791-2770

Irvine Courthouse Information

The city of Irvine operates under a Council - Manager form of government. Currently, Sean Joyce is the City Manager, Sharon Landers serves as Assistant City Manager, and, Steven Choi is the city's mayor. There are four city council members, Todd Litfin serves as the city attorney, while Molly McLaughlin serves as the city clerk.

Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach
4601 Jamboree Rd
(657) 622-5400
Open until 5:00 PM

Old Courthouse Museum
211 W Santa Ana Blvd
(714) 973-6605
Open until 4:30 PM

Central Justice Center
700 W Civic Center Dr
(657) 622-6878
Open until 4:00 PM

About Irvine

The city of Irvine, California is located in Orange County, roughly bordered by California State Road 261 to the north, San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor to the west, Blake Parkway to the south, and California State Road 241 to the east. Named for its developer, the Irvine Corporation, the city is a planned one, build mostly in the 1960's. On December 28, 1971, it officially incorporated. Boasting some of the best weather and beautiful scenery, Irvine was named the fourth-best city to live in by in 2008. Irvine is hosts to thousands of tourists, and, the Irvine Spectrum Center is one of the area's most visited destinations. Both national or international corporations are headquartered in the city and has a population of over 250,000. However, roads do still pose a real danger to drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.

Irvine is home to more than a dozen college and university campuses, including the University of California, Irvine. In terms of crime, the city ranks very high as one of the safest places to live in the United States, but, car crashes still plague the city. Though the residences are largely upscale, roads can still be a hazard. When drivers are distracted, impaired, or, driving recklessly, it puts the lives of others in danger. In today's technologically ensconced world, distracted driving poses one of the biggest dangers on the roads. In addition, operators of large trucks, under pressure from tight schedules, can also be a danger to private passenger vehicles.

Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons and sometimes, it does not involve another car, but a bus colliding with small car, pedestrian, or bicyclist. When such accidents occur, there can be more than just physical property damage to your vehicle. You might suffer severe injuries, which cause pain and suffering, and as a result, medical bills pile-up because you miss work and are financially devastated by lost wages. In any instance, if you or a loved one are involved in a car accident, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to fight for your rights to seek any compensation which might be due.

What's Irvine Like?

The city of Irvine is a wonderful place to call home. It's one of the more affluent places in Southern California and boasts some of the best schools in the entire state. There are many destination locations and attractions to visit in Irvine, such as the iconic Rue Rueda Gigante Square and Orange County Great Park. At the heart of its economic engine is the Irvine Business Complex, a thriving place of commerce.

There are approximately 50 villages in the city of Irvine, and, each originally designed to have a specific architectural look and feel. These villages are actually separate townships, each distinguished by six-lane streets. Within the each township, or village, is a mix of residential housing, commercial properties, schools, and religious institutions. These provide hometown like feel for residents and nearly every one is under the purview of a homeowners' association.

Irvine Facts and Data

The city of Irvine continues to evolve and is a budding center for commerce. It is also home to dozens of community parks and neighborhood parks, and, every October, the city hosts the Irvine Global Village Festival. More information can be found at the official site of the city of Irvine.

Most Dangerous Streets and Highways in Orange County

The most dangerous streets and highways in Orange County serve as stark reminders for drivers, pedestrians, motorcycle drivers and passengers, and bicyclists sharing the roads. Approximately one-hundred people are killed in traffic collisions in Orange County and hundreds more suffer bodily injuries, according to the Orange County Register. While highways and interstates seem more dangerous to motorists, only about one-third of all fatalities and serious injuries across the nation occur on state roads and interstate highways. More than 70 percent of all car collisions involving other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists take place on local streets and intersections.

Using data collected by the California Highway Patrol, the Orange County register studied a five-year period involving fatalities and serious injuries. From this analysis, the news media organization discovered the most dangerous streets and highways in Orange County, California:

  1. 17th Street and Fairview Street in Santa Ana: 1 bicyclist fatality, 4 serious injuries, in a total of 5 collisions
  2. Chapman Avenue and Gilbert Street in Garden Grove: 1 fatality, 5 serious injuries, in a total of 4 collisions
  3. Bristol Street and McFadden Avenue in Santa Ana: 1 pedestrian fatality, 3 serious injuries, 4 serious collisions
  4. Bristol Street and Campus Drive in Newport Beach: 1 fatality, 3 serious injuries, in 4 serious collisions
  5. El Toro Road and Montcliff Drive in Lake Forest: 4 serious injuries in 4 serious collisions
  6. Jeffrey Road and Irvine Center Drive in Irvine: 6 serious injuries, including 2 seriously injured bicyclists, in 4 serious collisions
  7. Olympiad Road and Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo: 4 serious injuries in 4 serious collisions

Other intersections include San Miguel Drive and Avocado Avenue in Garden Grove, MacArthur Boulevard and San Joaquin Hills Road in Newport Beach, as well as Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue in Costa Mesa. In addition to these intersections, the most dangerous roads in Orange County are the following:

  1. Laguna Canyon Road: this roadway is sadly known for its many late-night, fatal car collisions, most involving drivers under the influence
  2. Santiago Canyon Road: known as the "Road of Death," Santiago Canyon Road is the most dangerous in the whole Golden State
  3. Ortega Highway: also known as State Route 74, this highway is most dangerous for motorcycle drivers, the scene to many fatalities and serious injuries

It's important to keep in mind, although these are statistically the most dangerous streets and highways in Orange County, California, the truth of the matter is, any road can be the scene of a serious accident or fatality. Drivers should always focus their attention on the road and be aware of their surroundings. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, creating conditions which too often result in auto collisions, pedestrian accidents, and more road incidents. Don't become a statistic, drive alertly and responsibly to protect yourself, your passengers, and others outside the vehicle driving, riding, or walking.