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Taking On Major Corporations On Behalf Of Those They Have Injured

Vititoe Law Group, is a leader in handling mass torts, or lawsuits involving many plaintiffs who have been injured by the same product, company or organization. Our Los Angeles mass torts attorneys have done extensive work in environmental law, as well as in product liability cases involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have had many successes and helped hundreds of people obtain compensation for the harm done to them.

Our law firm is involved in many mass torts, including cases against the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals such as Androgel and Yaz, as well as defective medical devices. We are prepared to address these issues as either an individual lawsuit or as part of a larger class action.

Our lawyers are compassionate about your situation and provide exceptional representation and quality service. We are dedicated to seeing justice done for you and others who have been harmed by these negligent companies. We know the kind of damage that these products can do and we understand how your life has been affected. We will fight to obtain maximum compensation for you.

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