Class Action Lawsuits

Typically, Vititoe Law Group prefers to file direct actions. In a direct action, you look at the individual damages of each particular plaintiff. But sometimes, a class action can be the appropriate legal vehicle to represent a large class of individuals that have similar issues and/or damages.

A class action lawsuit can be brought against a negligent party when one or more plaintiffs pursue legal action on behalf of a large group of people who share a common legal claim. This type of lawsuit can develop when a large number of people, or groups of people, are injured due to similar circumstances. Vititoe Law Group will advocate for which it believes is the best course of action for an individual to pursue, whether it is a direct or class action suit. This decision will be based on the facts of the case and the serious injury or financial loss incurred as a result of the defendant's wrongdoing.

One of the main advantages of a class action is that it combines a sizable amount of individualized claims into one lawsuit, which can be very powerful. It also allows the plaintiffs involved to recover just compensation even if their claims are viewed as relatively small. Class actions also ensure that compensation would be equally disbursed to all injured parties involved.

The purpose of filing a class action lawsuit is to provide the everyday person the ability to take on and fight the largest private and corporate entities for their wrongdoing. More times than not, these big entities will have access to unlimited resources, which will allow them to hire exceptional legal representation. Class action lawsuits give the plaintiffs involved a fighting chance to recover damages for the entities negligence and obtain the justice they are seeking.

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