Southern California Wildfire Attorneys Help You Recover Damaged Property Losses

If you suffered total loss or damage to your residential or commercial property in the Southern California wildfires, reach out to us today. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses

Was Your Commercial or Residential Property Damaged in the Southern California Wildfires?

Vititoe Law Group helps victims of Southern California wildfires recover their financial losses and explore legal options. Legal counsel and recovery support is provided while advocating for residents' rights during the costly rebuilding process.

Whether you want help in filing a claim against PG&E, or assistance filing damage claims with your insurance company, contact us today. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses.

Why Vititoe Law Group?

Over the past 30 years award winning attorney James W. Vititoe and his team of lawyers have been involved in cases resulting in settlements of over $1 Billion dollars.

Thousands Displaced, Billions in Damages

The Southern California wildfires in December forced the evacuation of more than 20,000 residents, destroyed an estimated 1300 structures. Residential and agricultural damage has been estimated to be over $3 billion. The Thomas Fire alone, in Ventura and Santa Barbara, consumed 281,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 1063 structures killing one firefighter and injuring two and taking the life of one civilian. Thomas is determined to be the most destructive fire in modern California history. The Sylmar Creek fire in Los Angeles County consumed 15,619 acres and destroyed 60 residential homes and 63 outbuildings.

Thomas Fire

Sylmar Creek

We Stand Up For You Against Your Insurance Company

Vititoe Law Group is tenacious when fighting for policyholders to ensure their claims are not underpaid, delayed or denied.

You may face inequality between the estimated costs of rebuilding their home, compared to the amount of coverage of their homeowner's policies. This gap is often significant, when considering landscaping, tree value, erosion, loss of vehicles, and other types of damage. If you have owned your home for several decades and never updated your policy, the chances are good that you are underinsured.

If You Are a Victim of the Southern California Wildfires

We understand the level of emotional and psychological trauma that the devastation has created. You need to get back to living the life you had before the fire as quickly as possible. We also know that you have many questions such as:

  • How can I obtain immediate funds to cover interim living expenses such as hotels and eating out?
  • How do I deal effectively with my insurance carrier?
  • What if I my broker failed to insure my business against crop damage or interruption?
  • What about the emotional impact on my children and family?
  • Are there environmental exposure risks?

These are just a small number of questions that you may have. Our team of experienced lawyers with specialized knowledge is in place to address all of your important concerns. We will provide information encompassing a broad spectrum of topics including, commercial and residential property claims, insurance coverage issues, FEMA programs, inverse condemnation, toxic exposure, mental health and education. Our mission is to help to all fire victims by providing all necessary information.

We Will Fight for Your Rights as Southern California Fire Victims

If you lost your home, business or farm in the Southern California wildfires, how the fires started may not concern you at this time. What is important to you is to secure the funds for reconstruction and recovery. We are here to make sure that you know your rights and those rights are protected.

Do Not Wait to File a Claim

It is too early to be sure if any one party can be held accountable for the fires, but that cause will soon be determined through ongoing investigations. The first step in recovery is filing an insurance claim.

Providing you have insurance, get that claim filed as soon as possible. Many insurers have advanced claims processes in place to provide funds early. Some are working to provide advance payments within 36 hours while some claims adjusters may issue advances upon inspection of the damages. If you need assistance with the complex system of insurance damage claims, we can assist with proper form preparation and submission. The time to submit a claim is limited; so do not delay if you are having trouble comprehending the process.

Disaster assistance is also available because the affected counties were declared disaster areas. Residents from these areas may seek federal and state assistance. You can apply to FEMA for emergency assistance for items that may not be covered in your homeowners insurance. These items include temporary housing, home repairs, home replacement, as well as permanent or semi-permanent housing construction.

Here to Help You Recover and Rebuild

We have stood up and fought for the rights of California citizens, residential and commercial property owners for decades. We know the challenges caused by displacement into shelters, the homes of friends, family and even tents and vehicles. We are poised to assist you and ease your pain and suffering. Contact us to learn how we can maximize your financial recovery for your losses.

Reach out to an experienced and aggressive attorney at Vititoe Law Group for a free evaluation of you case.