Consumer Advocacy

The members of Vititoe Law Group have long been known for its philosophy and protection of consumers' rights. For decades, protecting clients and their families has always been the main concern for Jim Vititoe and his team. Many times, it feels like no one is looking out for the so-called "little person." Vititoe Law Group is very proud of its reputation for Consumer Advocacy. We believe that everyone can potentially benefit from having a strong advocate in their corner. Vititoe Law Group believes that they can be that advocate, while keeping an eye on both the industry and the legal system. Vititoe Law Group is here to help those that need a voice, in addition to assisting them in the various types of legal situations that may occur.

Consumer advocacy can be as simple as trying to protect people from corporate abuse such as unsafe and defective products, false representation and advertising, or polluting our vital daily resources.

Get Help From An Experienced Attorney

Vititoe Law Group will often post various consumer protection topics on social media that it believes might be important for you and your family to know. Feel free to join the Vititoe Law Group's social media sites.

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