Environmental Toxins FAQs

How do I know if a toxic substance caused my illness?

It is often difficult to determine whether an injury was caused by a toxic substance. If you believe you may have become ill due to a toxic substance, you and your attorney may hire medical and scientific experts to examine you and the location where you were exposed to the toxin. When you go to see your doctor, be certain to inform him or her that you suspect your injury was caused by contact with a toxic substance. This can help your doctor make the correct diagnosis.

What is the Environmental Protection Agency?

President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970. It administers the vast majority of environmental laws and also coordinates environmental policies. Some of the many additional functions of the EPA are as follows:

  • It establishes environmental regulations
  • It sets emissions standards
  • It ascertains whether chemicals propose a danger to the environment or human health
  • It oversees businesses and industries throughout the country to make sure they are adhering to the environmental regulations

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