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Westlake Village Personal Injury Attorney

is a nationally recognized law firm with its corporate offices located in Westlake Village, CA. We are committed to providing the epitome in legal representation to victims of injuries caused by the negligence of others.

Westlake Village in located on the border of Los Angeles County and the city of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County. The western portion of Westlake Village lies within the incorporated city limits of Thousand Oaks. The eastern portion is the incorporated city of Westlake Village located on the western edge of Los Angeles County. This central location is convenient to serve clients from both counties. Located along the Ventura Parkway near the interchange of Rte. 23, we are a short trip from Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Moorpark, Lake Sherwood and Simi Valley.

Despite the Conejo Valley, and the surrounding region, being known as one of the safest crime areas in the U.S, injuries from accidents still commonly occur on the roadways. Drivers along the Ventura Parkway, as well as the local roads, can become distracted by cell phones and other activities and cause a serious accident. Bicycles share the road, often in designated bike paths, with motor vehicles and can become victims of accidents by the fault by drivers not paying attention. Truckers driving while sleep deprived may cause a serious highway crash with serious injuries or loss of life. When these scenarios become real that is where Vititoe Law will come to the aid of the victim.

In Simi Valley, Heather Monroe, an off-duty LAPD officer was killed in a collision when one of the two vehicles involved, ran a red light on Jan. 7, 2017. It was the seventh fatal crash in Simi Valley over a 12-month period. Serious injuries and deaths are most common in motorcycle crashes and trailer truck crashes but injuries and fatalities are also common in passenger car accidents. Broken bones, lacerations, spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries can occur in any type of motor vehicle accident.

Thousand Oaks has several bus routes to and from destinations such as Los Angeles and Oxnard. These buses may collide with other vehicles injuring the passengers on the bus, or the driver or passenger in the smaller vehicle. When a bus and car collide, the outcome is rarely good for the car.

Serious injuries from accidents in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks or the surrounding area, can be devastating to the victim and their family. Even with insurance, the out of pocket cost of medical bills can be overwhelming. The loss of income over a lifetime can easily reach the seven-figure level. The quality of life can be torn away from a person in an instant, caused by a split-second misjudgment of another. The attorneys at Vititoe Law group understand the pain and suffering from injuries acquired in a motor vehicle accident. They know the true value of the case over the lifetime of a victim. They do not settle to make a quick profit for their firm at the expense of the client as so many "settlement mill" lawyers do.

When you are seriously injured you need a compassionate and tenacious law firm like Vititoe Law Group. With over thirty years of experience successfully representing victims of personal injury, we will wage a vehement battle on your behalf to recover the award to which you are entitled. Call today for a free consultation. There is no cost to you until we win.

About Westlake Village

Westlake Village is a Los Angeles area bedroom community straddling the border of Ventura and LA Counties. It is a planned community that an estimated 8507 people called home in 2015. The village contains lake which is densely developed with upscale homes on the surrounding shore as well as a large island.

Westlake Village offers plenty of attractions for residents and visitors alike. There is a disproportionately large number of quality restaurants serving many styles of cuisine, including American, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Brazilian and even New Zealand. Hikers can enjoy the panoramic views at the well-known Los Robles Trail while bikers may get anywhere in town by the extensive network of bike paths. Shoppers may spend a day exploring the shops at the lovely Promenade. Westlake Village is also the location for many artistic and culinary events during the year.

Westlake Village is also home to many corporations. Dole Foods has its headquarters located here along with other corporations including K-Swiss, Guitar Center, Conversant, J.D. Powers and Associates, and Ryland Homes.

Westlake Village Nationally Recognized Law Firm

Westlake Village is home to the corporate headquarters of Vititoe Law Group, a nationally recognized consumer advocate law firm. We are committed to compassionately helping those who are the unfortunate victims of serious injury, harm or illness caused by the negligence of others.

James W, Vititoe, our firms founder, has more than 30 years of successfully handling cases involving personal injury, mass torts including defective drugs, medical devices and product recalls, environmental law and business litigation.

It is our mission to vehemently represent our clients to produce the maximum results in any of our areas of practice. This compassion coupled tenacity has resulted in settlements exceeding $1 Billion dollars.

Of the many landmark cases that James Vititoe has successfully been involved, the most notable is the Hinckley California water contamination case made famous by the academy award winning film Erin Brockovich. To this day, the Vititoe Law Group continues to work with Erin as she champions the cause for people across the nation who have been adversely affected by the negligence of others.

Some of the practice areas we cover include:

· Motor Vehicle Accidents

· Personal Injury Claims

· Brain Injuries

· Life-Altering Injuries

· Other practice areas including but not limited to: medical malpractice, mass torts and class actions, defective drugs and medical devices, toxic environmental exposure.

Battling as a Team for a Single Goal

Vititoe Law Group has very strong legal partnerships and legal experts needed to provide the required support for our clients. When you must fight an insurance company or corporation for the compensation you truly deserve due to negligence, we understand the high hurdles you must clear. We are here to get you past those barriers and on to the finish line. Our lawyers handle litigation at every level including state and federal courts, arbitrations, mediations and pre-litigation negotiations. If it means litigation though the entire court system to get you what you deserve, we will never capitulate.

If you or a loved one was injured, harmed or made ill due to the negligence of another of a loved one was lost, reach out to us today by calling 818- 851-1866 or contact us online. If you can't come Westlake Village or one of our other locations, we will come to you. You do not pay a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.