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October 2013 Archives

Sitcom star still recovering from car crash injury

One of the stars of the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory told reporters this week that her hand injury from a 2012 car accident still affects her every day. Mayim Bialik said that she sustained significant injuries during the car crash but is grateful that they were not worse. She says that she is not yet pain-free and that she will continue to recover.

Diet pill pulled from shelves after it was linked to liver damage

Sometimes consumers make the mistake of believing that because something does not require a prescription it will not be potent enough to cause serious health issues. However, in the case of diet supplements that tout their ability to help buyers lose weight, the ingredients can be very potent and very harmful even if it is sold on the shelf in the grocery store.

Has the government shutdown impacted vehicle safety?

There has been a lot of discussion in the news the past two weeks about which government agencies and services have and have not been shut down a result of the budget and debt ceiling impasse. And, even as the shutdown may be nearing an end with leaders in the Senate saying that they have reach a compromise, there are many who remain concerned that the consequences of the government shutdown could last beyond the time when all of the offices re-open their doors since it will take time to catch up from missed work.

Studies look for ways to prevent doctor burnout

Burnout is a problem in any demanding job and can cause even the most well-trained professional to make mistakes or overlook an important detail. In the medical profession burnout can mean more medication errors, a possible missed diagnosis, or other mistakes that can lead to serious patient injuries. 

Fatalities from hospital mistakes may be underestimated: Part One

It may seem like an old trope at this point to say that the most dangerous place for a sick person is a hospital. This has been said many times before when reports show the high rates of contagious illnesses in hospitals as well as the harm patients are exposed to as a result of simple mistakes that can occur in the hectic setting. However, a new study shows that the rate of deaths associated with a medical mistake are double the previous estimates. 

Professional & Amateur Athletes - Injury Accidents

Jim Vititoe, President of the Vititoe Law Group, is greatly concerned about the safety of amateur and professional athletes. In the past few years, it seems like a daily occurrence that you hear about an athlete sustaining a serious head injury. In addition, we hear about former players' difficulties with previously sustained life altering injuries after years of employment of playing professional sports. Headlining recent news is the litigation for retired NFL players that played professional football. Vititoe Law Group represents over 100 of the retired players involved in the settlement. The NFL recently agreed to pay over three quarters of a billion dollars towards retired players who sustained injuries while playing in the NFL. Vititoe Law Group is very happy for the players it represents in this lawsuit, especially those that have suffered life-altering injuries.

Fatalities from hospital mistakes may be underestimated: Part Two

In our last post we discussed the fact that many more people die each year as a result of hospital mistakes than previously estimated. In fact, the number may be double what experts previously believed, making hospital mistakes one of the leading causes of death in the United States. 

Stericycle: Utah Environmental Investigation

Vititoe Law Group is part of the investigative team working to gather information on Stericycle in North Salt Lake City, UT. Vititoe Law Group has met and spoken with several concerned residents who live in the Foxboro community adjacent to Stericycle. They wonder if their property values and health have been harmed.

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