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December 2013 Archives

Can football stadiums help prevent drunk driving?

A mother is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against an NFL stadium after a drunk driving accident resulted in the death of her daughter and another girl after a game. The mother says that the stadium has ineffective policies on alcohol sales that put the public at risk when intoxicated fans leave the stadium. The driver in the accident that killed her daughter had about five beers at a football game before he drove his SUV into the shoulder of the road where the two teenage girls were walking away from the game.

California tour bus crash injures 13

More than a dozen people were injured earlier this week when a tour bus driving through Southern California crashed into a drainage ditch, fence, and light pole. The bus remained upright which may have limited the injuries to the passengers who were trapped briefly before rescue workers were able to unblock the door of the bus. There were about 40 passengers on board the bus at the time of the accident, most of the injuries were reported to be minor, although it is not clear if any of the passengers experienced whiplash or other head or neck injuries. Sometimes these types of injuries are not immediately apparent but aches and pains in the days and weeks following a crash can reveal signs of whiplash or other serious injuries.

Investigation continues into fatal California multi-car crash

Police are still piecing together exactly what happened this week in a deadly crash involving seven vehicles. The crash was caused by a driver of a grey Ford Taurus who witnesses say crashed into the first vehicle at a high rate of speed, causing tremendous damage to both cars. Both speed and drunk driving are suspected to be causes of the crash, which set of a chain reaction and eventually involved a total of seven cars. The woman in the car that sustained the initial impact died at the scene. The other passengers and drivers have indicated that they experienced some pain but were not hospitalized. The driver of the car that caused the car crash was hospitalized for injuries to his arm. 

Fatal accidents involving trucks increased last year

Truck accidents can be very dangerous for motorists in California and across the country. Truck accidents often cause serious injuries and fatalities for those involved due to the large size of the trucks involved. Heavy commercial trucks can cause serious damage to other vehicles, especially smaller ones, even in low-speed car accidents. 

Holiday season brings increased risk of car crashes

It doesn't take a scientist to know that the roads are a little hectic and crazy during the holiday season. Anyone who has been out driving in the days surrounding a major holiday can attest to the fact that previously held laws of decency can sometimes fly out the window in the midst of the holiday rush. Still, the extent to which roads become more dangerous around certain holidays may be surprising.

California woman says she was not distracted by Google Glass

A California woman has entered a not-guilty plea in the case of a traffic ticket that has gained national attention. The woman’s unprecedented fight to be able to wear her Google Glass while she is behind the wheel will continue to wind its way through the court system as she challenges a traffic law that prohibits drivers from viewing a screen of any kind while they are behind the wheel.

Uninsured drivers remain common problem in California

The experience of being involved in a major motor vehicle accident can be a shock to the system, to say the least. Accident victims often have just a spilt second to brace themselves for an impact before a rapid chain of events goes into motion. Eventually the victim and their family must deal with medical bills, property damage, and other costs that arise from the accident. At this point victims turn to the insurance coverage for the at-fault driver to help cover costs. However, a recent study found that nationwide, as many as 14 percent of drivers do not have car insurance even though it is required by law in every state.

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