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February 2014 Archives

Southern California hit-and-run crash causes serious injuries

One person was seriously injured this week in a hit-and-run car crash near Oxnard. The crash took place around 6:30 pm and involved an SUV and a van. The driver of the SUV allegedly turned into the path of the van, causing a broadside crash. The victim of the accident was hospitalized but reported to be in stable condition.

Driver allegedly falls asleep at the wheel, causes truck accident

Earlier in the week, a semitrailer truck driver apparently caused an accident that temporarily blocked all southbound lanes on the Hollywood Freeway. The accident appears to have been caused by truck driver fatigue, as one witness reported the truck driver was sleeping before he or she slammed into at least four cars. The California Highway Patrol are looking into the accident, however, and officers have not yet confirmed that the trucker had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Horrific crash claims the lives of mother and 4 children

A fatal motor vehicle accident is always tragic, but it is even more tragic when it could very easily have been prevented. Although it may seem tedious to stop at every light and every stop sign, especially if there are a lot around, there is an important reason why those signs and lights are there. City planners have asked for the signage to make the roads and community safer. Ignoring those signs can pose a very serious risk.

New technology may help prevent car accidents

This week safety officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the first stages of an effort to bring vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems to new cars and trucks. These systems allow cars and trucks to communicate over radio frequencies, transmitting information about speed, traffic, and distance from other cars to provide alerts to drivers or trigger automatic breaks or steering maneuvers. This type of device is one element that experts say will be incorporated in self-driving cars in the future, but can be implemented earlier and more cheaply than a fully automated driving system. Early models will only be capable of providing alerts, but analysts say that they anticipate the devices will also intervene to prevent accidents in the future. Some cars already employ some of this technology in the form of blind spot alerts or automatic breaking systems.

Car service company faces wrongful death suit

A California family is pursuing a civil suit against car service smartphone app company Uber after a driver who worked as an independent contractor for the company hit and killed their six-year-old daughter in an intersection. The driver was not presently carrying a passenger on behalf of Uber at the time that the accident occurred, but the family argues that since he had the application open on his screen and may have been looking for passengers that Uber should be responsible.

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