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August 2014 Archives

How common is drowsy driving?

Americans like to work hard and play hard. The trouble with this kind of approach to life is that it must be accompanied by a tendency to properly rest up from all that play and all that work. Most Americans are not prone to “rest hard” lest precious time be taken away from work and play. The consequences of this kind of imbalance are numerous, and can include health problems. In addition, it can lead to a staggering prevalence of drowsy driving behaviors among motorists.

What you risk by not stopping for Oxnard school buses

Earlier this month, we wrote about holding negligent parties accountable for harm caused by bus accidents. It is important that victims utilize their legal options in the wake of injurious bus accidents, given that the harm that these accidents can inspire is often costly and long-lasting. However, the ideal scenario is that these accidents fail to occur in the first place.

If you are injured on a bus in or near Oxnard

Earlier this summer, one California bus accident victim had a $15.3 million verdict against a public transit district upheld by a state court. This verdict may seem extreme to some individuals, but the truth of the matter is that when individuals are injured during bus accidents, the medical costs of their injuries alone can add up to millions of dollars. When one adds in the cost of lost wages and pain and suffering, this verdict does not seem extreme in the least.

Etiquette for motorcycles stuck in Oxnard traffic jams

Last month, a traffic-jam etiquette battle began to rage in Oxnard, in Los Angeles and throughout California. Certain areas of California have some of the worst traffic jams in the nation on a regular basis. Many California motorists have become pros at navigating this kind of motor vehicle mess with a relative amount of grace. Others tend to rage behind the wheel every time the freeway begins to resemble a parking lot. Given how frustrating traffic jams can be, it is no wonder that the subject of etiquette in these situations is charged.

Safety challenges for cyclists in Oxnard and Los Angeles

We frequently write about the hazards of distracted driving. One population in particular seems to be suffering as a result of widespread distraction among motorists in Oxnard and Los Angeles. Unlike motorists, truck drivers and even motorcyclists, bicyclists are compelled to ride the same roads and navigate the same hazards without a heavy-duty motorized vehicle to absorb the brunt of an impact.

Hospital groups contest safety claim made in Senate hearing

During a recent hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, a serious patient safety allegation was raised by a panel of respected leaders on this very subject. This panel asserted that over the past 15 years, patient safety advances have been inconsistent, limited and sporadic in nature. Specifically, the panel noted that since the publication of the Institute of Medicine’s “To Err is Human” 15 years ago, patients continue to die and to sustain serious injuries due to preventable medical errors at devastating rates.

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