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September 2014 Archives

When medication errors are intentionally directed

We have previously discussed the prevalence of medication errors in the U.S. Some of these errors occur in pharmacies, some occur when physicians are writing out prescriptions and some occur when medications are being administered. For example, in hospital settings it can be all too easy to accidentally give a patient an incorrect dose of a medication, to miss a dose, or to administer the wrong medication altogether.

Brushing up on driving safety around large trucks

It is always dangerous for motorists to drive near large commercial trucks. However, it is especially dangerous to drive around these vehicles when the weather is poor. Given that you and your family may be driving in stormy or hazardous weather conditions as the holidays approach and the colder months progress in earnest, it is important to review basic safety tips designed to prevent truck accidents involving cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles.

Report: Fatigue contributed to high-profile plane crash

In August of 2013, a UPS cargo plane was descending in an effort to land at a southern airport. Instead of touching down safely, the plane slammed into the ground. The impact killed the plane’s crew. Whenever a plane crashes in the United States, the National Transportation Safety Board opens an investigation into the event. The NTSB recently released information related to this high-profile crash. The agency’s investigation has revealed that pilot fatigue contributed to this fatal crash.

When a brain injury is caused by medical negligence

Over the past several years, numerous media outlets have begun reporting extensively on the causes of traumatic brain injury. A great deal of this reporting has focused on sports-related brain injury cases, for a number of reasons. First, high-profile organizations like the National Football League and the National Hockey League have been accused by their own players of withholding valuable information about the prevalence of brain injuries within their player populations. Second, a staggering number of child, teen and amateur athletes have sustained these kinds of injuries over the past several years.

Jim Vititoe Receives The American Association of Justice "Above and Beyond Award"

Nationally recognized attorney Jim Vititoe has led the way in setting a new membership record for the American Association of Justice (AAJ). As a result, Vititoe recently received the American Association of Justice (AAJ) "Above and Beyond Award" at the AAJ Annual Convention that took place in Baltimore, MD in July.

When your baby is injured during the birthing process

New parents begin to experience both hope and fear about their children’s lives before they are even born. Unfortunately, some of the events one is often most hopeful about in regards to a child’s experience become those that are marked by fear, pain and doubt. For example, many parents anxiously await the arrival of their children, sure that while the birthing process can be unquestionably painful it is ultimately a joyous event. However, when infants suffer injurious, debilitating and even fatal birth injuries, the birthing process can turn into a nightmare.

Do you need a medical malpractice attorney?

If you have suffered an illness or injury which requires medical care, you may already be feeling understandably disoriented as a result of your medical condition. If you have experienced an adverse event during the course of your medical care, you may be feeling even more dazed than you otherwise might. When the trust between medical professionals and patients is broken due to mistakes on the part of medical personnel, the fallout can be uniquely jarring. As a result, you may not feel qualified to make certain decisions about how you will ultimately respond to the harm that you are now suffering as a result of a medical mistake.

FMCSA to ask whether truck driver pay impacts safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is finally asking a critically important question that may impact the future of trucking safety in the United States. Over the past several years, the agency has been fixated on the number of hours that drivers spend behind the wheel without resting. This has been an understandable preoccupation, especially given how many truck accidents occur on an annual basis as a result of truck driver fatigue.

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