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May 2017 Archives

Electric Shock Drowning - A Silent Killer

Two Alabama women, 34-year-old Shelly Darling and 41-year-old Elizabeth Whipple went missing after sunbathing on Lake Tuscaloosa on April 16. Their bodies were recovered from the lake the following morning. According to preliminary autopsies the cause of death was determined to be electrocution. One year ago the fatal electrocution drowning of 15 year-old Carmen Johnson, also of Alabama, made national headlines.

Diffuse Axonal Injury - Cause, Diagnosis and Treatment

Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is a common and usually severe form of traumatic brain injury. The brain moving back and forth within the skull at high speed causes it, rather than a blow to the head. When the brain suddenly accelerates or decelerates, damage can occur over a widespread, or "diffuse' area. Although the amount of damage may vary in severity, DAI is a leading cause of death related to traumatic brain injury.

Cause and Prevention of California Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating in California, and everywhere else, is not only distracting and irritating to the driver being followed too closely, it is very dangerous. Tailgating is a contributing cause in more than one third of all motor vehicle accidents, according to research by the Highways Agency. If you are one of the many people injured in California tailgating accidents every year, it is important to seek the aid of a skilled accident attorney who will recover the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need the Right California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a serious California motorcycle crash, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash are often severe and can lead to medical bills that far exceed the amount offered by the negligent party's insurer. You may also experience loss of income over a lifetime as well as long-term rehabilitation expenses. Only an attorney with vast knowledge of California motorcycle crash litigation is qualified to recover the true value of your damages and loss.

Motor Vehicle Accidents are the Leading Cause of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system, extending downward from the base of the brain. It is made of soft tissue and surrounded by small bones called vertebrae. The spinal cord consists of nerve cells and groups of nerves called tracts, which runs to different parts of the body. Messages are carried by these tracts from the brain to the rest of the body. The tracts are separated into two groups. Sensory tracts carry messages related to heat, cold, pressure, pain and the position of limbs. Motor tracts carry messages from the brain to control muscle movement.

How Can Airbags Injure When They Are Supposed to Save Lives?

Anyone who has access to the news is aware of the massive recall of vehicles due to defective Takata airbags. A report issued by the NY Times, in December of last year, indicated that 11 deaths and 184 injuries had occurred in just the US from exploding airbags that propelled shrapnel into the chests of vehicle occupants. Over 92 million vehicles from multiple auto makers were recalled.

Large Truck Crashes are Common but also Preventable

The results from truck accidents are far more devastating on average than other motor vehicle accidents. In the U.S. one person is killed or injured in a truck crash every 16 minutes. 98% of the fatalities are occupants in the smaller vehicles, as opposed to those riding in the trucks. Despite these numbers truck drivers, on the average, are patient and safe drivers.

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