Report: Fatigue contributed to high-profile plane crash

In August of 2013, a UPS cargo plane was descending in an effort to land at a southern airport. Instead of touching down safely, the plane slammed into the ground. The impact killed the plane’s crew. Whenever a plane crashes in the United States, the National Transportation Safety Board opens an investigation into the event. The NTSB recently released information related to this high-profile crash. The agency’s investigation has revealed that pilot fatigue contributed to this fatal crash. We have written previously about the dangers associated with drowsy driving. But in truth, operating any kind of transportation vehicle while drowsy can lead to devastating consequences. In [...]

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The state of aviation safety in the United States

A number of high-profile international plane crashes have occurred in recent months. The causes of these crashes are numerous and some causes are still unknown. With so many tragic crashes being reported on by the media, it is understandable that many American travelers are questioning the current state of aviation in California, nationwide and abroad. It is unfortunately true that a number of aviation accidents occur in the U.S. every year. Although large commercial crashes often make headlines, any number of smaller aircraft crash during the course of the year and are not reported on widely. On a single Saturday morning this month, three individuals were [...]

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Preliminary report released concerning fatal airplane accident

Two airplanes crashed into each other late last month in California resulting in one fatality. A Cessna 210E, N4962U and a Hawker Sea Fury, N20SF were involved in the collision. Preliminary reports suggest that the Cessna was destroyed in the collision and crashed into San Pablo Bay while a passenger and commercial pilot in the Sea Fury were not injured. Both planes had departed from Half Moon Bay and were traveling to Eagle’s Nest Airport in Ione, California. The planes were to be displayed at Half Moon Bay for an open house. The pilots of each plane were said to be in contact with each other [...]

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Multiple causes led to fatal plane crash

Both the pilot and the aircraft are to blame for the fatal jetliner crash that took place in California last summer, according to recent reports. The airline operating the jet at the time of the crash released a statement saying that their pilots did have an opportunity to abort the dangerously slow approach to the runway that caused the plane to crash into the seawall, but that equipment on board the plane should have intervened or functioned differently to prevent the situation in the first place. A spokesperson from the airline said that while the pilots were certainly in a position of control and could have [...]

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Investigators look into causes of California plane crash

A small plane crashed late last month off of Highway 25 in California and investigators are still seeking the reason for the crash. The pilot experienced some minor injuries but is not reported to be in critical condition. There was one other person in the plane at the time and that person was apparently not injured during the crash. Witnesses said that trouble began just after takeoff when the plane seemed to lose power in its only engine, causing it to begin to descend from the approximately 300 feet it had climbed. Others nearby who were tuned to the correct radio frequency said that they heard [...]

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Pilot and passenger survive California plane crash

A private plane pilot and his passenger survived a weekend crash with no major injuries, according to local reports. The plane began to go down after the engine failed, leaving the pair a limited amount of time to devise a plan to deal with the situation. Plane crashes can be devastating in certain conditions, so it is up to those who choose to fly smaller private plans to be sure that their equipment is working properly and to have proper training to handle an emergency situation. In this case the pilot of the plane was trained as a professional pilot and had four decades of in-flight [...]

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Safety board postpones hearing on California airliner crash

The National Transportation Safety Board has rescheduled a hearing about the fatal crash-landing of an Asiana jet that took place earlier this year at the international airport in San Francisco, California. The aviation accident resulted in three deaths. The safety board is looking specifically at whether the pilots had relied too heavily on computer equipment, causing them not to notice in time when the aircraft began approaching the airport at too low of an altitude, eventually leading the plane to crash into a seawall and tumble across the runway. […]

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Investigation concludes in death of California pilot

Air Force officials have concluded their investigation into the death of a California man who was injured and killed in an aviation accident. Experts who examined the evidence found that that pilot experienced a condition known as spatial disorientation during his flight which caused him to become confused and to make the decision to exit the aircraft in unsafe conditions, in this case over a body of water. The aviation accident took place in another country during an Air Force training exercise. A spokesperson for the Air Force said that the experience of spatial disorientation can happen to any pilot at any time, indicating that it [...]

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Fatal Calabasas plane crash leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Airplanes are perhaps the safest means of transportation. Flying through airspace rather than navigating crowded city streets and congested highways leaves little room for accidents. We all know, however, that aviation accidents still happen. Because flight paths are often carefully planned, when an accident occurs between two planes, there is usually someone to blame. Recently, a local family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two parties after the death of a 63-year-old man in a frightening plane crash outside of Calabasas. The man and another individual were both killed when two small planes collided in April. The other plane was piloted by a flight instructor with [...]

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