New High-Tech Goggles Help Diagnose Suspected Brain Injuries

A new handheld device, developed by the Texas Biomedical Device Center (TXBDC), shows promise in aiding doctors to diagnose concussions on the sidelines of athletic fields. The high tech pair of goggles, called Neurotriage, can quickly measure an individuals visual tracking abilities. The baseline test can then be followed up with additional tests, following an impact, to detect a mild brain injury. Doctors are able to detect impairments in brain function that are likely to result in diminished performance through measuring eye movements, according to the TXBDC website. Performance metrics such as reaction time, target marking, balance and visual steadiness can be detected in less than [...]

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NFL Player is the First Living CTE Diagnosis

For the first time, scientists claim they have evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) found in a living patient. This would be a breakthrough in the research into the slowly progressive brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head. A study of 14 retired NFL players, published in the medical journal Neurosurgery, found that a signature protein of CTE, known as tau, forms around the damaged neural cells. Doctors diagnosed one of the players, unnamed in the study, with CTE. The player was later identified by the lead author of the study, Dr. Bennet Omalu, as Vikings linebacker Fred McNeill, who died of ALS in [...]

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UCLA Study: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Revealed by Biomarkers

Concussions, which are actually mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s), often go undiagnosed and can lead to lasting neurological impairment, especially if the injuries recur. Researchers at UCLA have identified biomarkers that could aid doctors in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries with only a simple blood test. Brain cells called astrocytes, release proteins as biomarkers into the bloodstream when the astrocytes outer membranes rupture from impact or shaking. Doctors currently rely on CT scans or a scoring system to describe the level of a patient’s consciousness after suffering a blow to the head. However, neither method has shown to accurately predict recovery or disability while milder [...]

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Study Shows Promise in Reducing Newborn Brain Injury

Researchers at Children’s National Health Center and Drexel University College conducted the first study of a promising treatment to reduce or prevent hypoxia-ischemia, a serious complication of oxygen deprivation resulting in brain injury to newborns. Newborn brain injury resulting from the impaired flow of oxygen can result in adverse effects that can be life altering and range from mild to severe. The affects may be minor, such as learning disabilities, to cataclysmic, including the inability to speak, walk, talk, see or even breathe. The complications can occur from a variety of issues during, before or immediately after birth. Maternal or placental problems such as cord prolapse [...]

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Study: Gelatin Aids Healing of Blood Brain Barrier in Brain Injury

Research conducted at Lund University in Sweden revealed beneficial effects of gelatin following traumatic brain injury. The inherent ability of gelatin coatings to reduce adverse immune responses to neurological implants has been recognized for some time, but the explanation of why has been elusive. The researchers discovered that gelatin protected the blood brain barrier (BBB) from potentially damaging foreign molecules and cells, thus aiding recovery. The BBB consists of a collection of vessels that separate the blood circulation of the body from the sensitive brain. […]

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Research Supports a New Approach to Understanding Concussions

Approximately 3.8 million cases of traumatic brain injury are reported in the United States each year, most of which are concussions. According to new research led by Portland University, an entirely new approach to understanding the complexities of concussion, and how to treat it, will become the criterion. The researchers favor systems science, a discipline that analyzes complex problems, as whole systems, and integrates research findings from different disciplines. “Complex systems are those in which the behavior of the whole is not entirely explained by the behavior of its parts,” said Erin Kenzie, systems science researcher at Portland State. “Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is very [...]

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How is a Traumatic Brain Injury Measured and Classified?

When a sudden trauma damages the brain and disrupts normal brain function, it is referred to as traumatic brain injury (TBI). The results can be substantial disability or mortality. TBI may have severe detrimental effects on physical, psychological, cognitive emotional, social abilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate and average of 1.7 million people suffer from a TBI each year. Of those, 275,000 are hospitalized and 52,000 die. Nearly 80%, or 1.365 million, are treated and released from an emergency department. […]

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The Long Road to Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Unlike a broken arm or a case of the flu there is no end date to recovering from a traumatic brain injury. There can be recovery seen months and even years after the initial injury. The success of the recovery from TBI varies greatly, depending on the severity and area of the brain injury as well as the individual. Two individuals with the same brain injury may recover over different lengths of time and by varying degrees. For example, persons under the age of two and those over the age of 60 have the worst prognosis for recovery even if their injuries are identical to someone [...]

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Football Not Alone with Sports Related Head Injuries

Football has recently dominated the news regarding sports related head injuries as the focus turned to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive, degenerative brain disease discovered in a large number of former football players. The fact is that there are many other sports where athletes face a high risk of receiving a traumatic brain injury. When viewing statistics related to different sports and the frequency of brain injuries it is easy to be confused. Most studies show that cycling has the highest rate of head injuries based on emergency room admissions. Boxing is not even considered. Does this mean a parent should discourage bike riding and [...]

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The Form and Severity of a Non-Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury

When the human brain strikes the inside of the skull, is shaken violently or deprived of oxygen, a non-penetrating traumatic brain injury TBI is likely to occur. The damage from a traumatic brain injury may be temporary of permanent and in varying degrees of severity ranging from mild to catastrophic. Non-penetrating TBI’s are the most prevalent form of brain injury. While some traumatic brain injuries may be mild, requiring only rest as a treatment, others may be extremely severe, leading to lifelong debilitation, physically, cognitively and emotionally, with many leading to death. The type of traumatic brain injury as well as the level of severity, determines [...]

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