Determining Fault in Motorcycle Lane Splitting Accidents

Motorcycle lane splitting has been a contentious practice in California since the vehicle code 21658.1 became effective Jan. 1, 2017.  The practice of “driving a motorcycle between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane including on both divided and undivided streets, roads and highways” is intended to improve the safety of motorcycle riders, although there have been three local lane splitting fatalities in the past year. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), who interprets the lane splitting law as neither authorizing nor prohibiting lane splitting, was empowered to create guidelines to be followed.  Motorcyclists who are involved in a serious crash while lane splitting [...]

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Research: Motorcyclists Lives Saved by Distracted Driving Laws

The rate of motorcycle fatalities has been significantly reduced in states where the use of cell phones and other held devices has been banned. States that have implemented strong to moderate laws banning held device usage have reduced motorcycle fatalities by as much as 11 percent over states that have no bans, according to a study by faculty at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami. Social Science and Medicine recently published the study’s findings regarding the positive effect of distracted driving laws on motorcyclist safety. “In the case of motorcycles, these laws seem to be effective,” said study co-author Gulcin Gumus, Ph.D., an associate [...]

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A Look at Futuristic High Tech Motorcycle Safety Technology

Motorcycle ownership has doubled in the US since 1991. Along with the increase in ridership, serious accidents have increased comparatively, creating a greater need for motorcycle safety education as well as safety features. Motorcycle accessory manufacturers have responded to the need for greater safety and so have the motorcycle manufacturers. Increased awareness of safety has birthed new technology, leading to the creation of safety enhancing innovations. Lets take a look at what is happening with todays motorcycle safety technology. High Tech Helmets No single item plays a part in motorcycle rider safety more than the helmet.  States that require riders to wear helmets have shown [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of California Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Motorcycle lane splitting is a practice that has been common on roads and highways as long as there have been motorcycles and traffic. California has become the only state in the U.S. that has made lane splitting legal. California Vehicle Code 21658.1 defines lane splitting as “driving a motorcycle between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane including on both divided and undivided streets, roads and highways.” This section became effective Jan.1, 2017. Lane splitting has been a practice of contention long before it became legal. Since California added it to the vehicle code, the focus on safety issues has only become more [...]

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Federal Regulators Shelve Plans to Mandate Anti-Lock Brakes on Motorcycles

Traffic fatalities are rising again, following a long downward curve, driven in part by a high number of motorcycle deaths. Even though over 5000 bikers are dying on the nation’s roads annually, federal regulators have taken an ambiguous position requiring a safety measure that could save hundreds of lives annually. Since the 1990’s anti-lock braking systems (ABS) have been a standard feature on most passenger vehicles. For years, the same technology has been shown to be a valuable method of preventing motorcycle deaths. ABS technology works by preventing the wheels from locking up during hard braking or slippery braking conditions, permitting better control of the bike. [...]

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How Safe is Riding with a Motorcycle Group or Club in California?

California is has more registered motorcycles than any other state in the union. In 2013 that number was close to 800,000 and has certainly grown since. The year round riding climate, the beautiful scenic roads and the many different rallies and events, beckon motorcyclists to call California their home. Anyone who has traveled the highways of California must be familiar with the many groups of bikers. In the case of an organized rally these groups may number in the hundreds, but more common are smaller groups of around twenty, more or less. These riders are often members of motorcycle clubs or riding groups out to enjoy [...]

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The Importance of Evidence Collection in a California Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a California motorcycle accident, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer. You could receive a catastrophic injury that could cost an astronomical amount of money over your lifetime in lost wages and medical bills. Most insurance policies will only cover a fraction of the actual cost. At your initial consultation with your motorcycle accident attorney there will be many questions, as the attorney tries to determine if your case could be successful against another driver or perhaps the governing agency responsible for maintaining the roadway. Determining fault is key to the outcome of [...]

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Why You Need the Right California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a serious California motorcycle crash, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash are often severe and can lead to medical bills that far exceed the amount offered by the negligent party’s insurer. You may also experience loss of income over a lifetime as well as long-term rehabilitation expenses. Only an attorney with vast knowledge of California motorcycle crash litigation is qualified to recover the true value of your damages and loss. When you are involved in a motorcycle crash, the only protection you have is your [...]

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All Motorcycle Helmets are Not Created Equal

While many studies show that wearing motorcycle helmets saves lives, many riders still dispute the claim. Others, in states where helmet use is optional, choose to take the risk of riding without a helmet. In California, the law does not afford the option of riding helmet free, but there are several different styles of helmets to choose from. How much protection from a traumatic brain injury do these helmets provide? California law requires that all helmets sold for use by motorcycle riders meet or exceed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218. States that implemented similar helmet requirements, have shown a significant reduction in motorcycle [...]

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Motorcycle Accident Safety – Does Size Really Matter?

Which is safer? A touring bike or a sport bike? This has been a subject for debate since the surge in popularity of high speed sport bikes. Is a rider more likely to be injured on a Harley Sportster 1200 or a Kawasaki Ninja 250? Which tires are safer? Thin or fat? In the world of motorcycle safety does size really matter? It would make sense to argue that the smaller and lighter sport bike is safer since it is more maneuverable and can accelerate faster, to escape a potentially dangerous situation. If a car swerves into the path of a sport bike, the biker can [...]

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