Preventing Motorcycle Accidents Through Driver Awareness

The increase in motorcycle popularity in the US. is expected to continue to rise. In 2011 there were 8,410,255 motorcycles registered nationwide accounting for 3% of registered vehicles. However, in California, motorcycle accidents accounted for 17% of all road fatalities. The LA Times reported on May 16, 2016, that the number of deaths from motorcycle crashes decreased by 7% in California in 2015 compared to a nationwide increase of 10% that same year. Despite that encouraging report, California has the second highest number of motorcycle fatalities in the country, trailing only Florida, a four-season, helmet optional state. The most disturbing fact, regarding motorcycle crashes, is that [...]

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L.A. Road Vehicle Fatalities Show Little Disparity

Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, or, driving a private passenger vehicle, every time you get on the road in Los Angeles, you’re at-risk for an accident. It’s no secret the streets pose a danger to everyone on them, and, the statistics bear this fact out. In fact, City of Angels drivers kill bicyclists and pedestrians way above the national average, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The reason? It’s simply a matter of sheer exposure, where there’s such density, 7,000 people per square mile, there are going to be more collisions. Injury and fatality crashes are quite commonplace, [...]

Motorcycle lane-splitting: back to the drawing board

How quickly things can change. Just a few short weeks ago, the future of motorcycle lane-splitting in California seemed to be well charted and eminently clear. Myriad media sources across the state reported the success of legislation explicitly authorizing the practice, noting the passage of a motorcycle lane-splitting Assembly bill through that body. […]

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California may soon explicitly embrace lane splitting

California motorists are not strangers to the practice of lane splitting. Think back to the last few times you were navigating a significant flow of traffic on one of the Golden State’s many crowded freeways. At any point, did you encounter a motorcycle? Did that motorcycle happen to travel between you and the vehicle next to you, even though the vehicle next to you was already traveling in the next lane over? This practice is referred to as lane splitting. For decades, the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officers have implicitly allowed motorcyclists to lane split, especially under certain conditions. In fact, a great [...]

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Helmet camera shows scary motorcycle incident

Just north of Los Angeles, a motorcyclist nearly got into an accident with another motorcyclist. Now, we know that’s not exactly the most thrilling bit of a news. In fact, you may not even consider it news at all. However, there is one element involved in this near-head-on crash that caught our eye — and it will certainly catch the eye of the motorcycle community. Here’s what happened: one of the motorcyclists was riding properly in his lane as he drove through the mountains on a seemingly open road. But another motorcyclist coming from the other direction swerved into the lane of the first motorcyclist, causing [...]

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What can you do to observe Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

There is an inherent danger to many of the activities we participate in every day. Most of us acknowledge but refuse to worry about most of these dangers, such as the risk of getting into a car accident. If we constantly worried about such risks, we would be largely unable to live productive lives outside our homes. But for motorcyclists, the calculation of risk is different. Those who primarily ride motorcycles understand that the risks of death or significant injury are much higher than they are for individuals who drive in cars or trucks. Motorcycles offer less protection in the event of an accident, which means [...]

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Will CA’s position on lane-splitting be adopted by other states?

Chances are very good that as you’ve sat in one of the innumerable traffic jams here in Southern California that you’ve seen motorcycles navigating their way between the rows of stopped vehicles, a practice known as lane-splitting. While your automatic reaction might be to think the practice is unsafe and even illegal, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, public safety officials have gone out of their way to raise public awareness about the legality of lane-splitting, which statistics show currently sits at only about 61 percent. […]

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Is motorcycle ‘communication’ a possibility?

Over the past several years, great strides have been made towards outfitting test cars with the ability to “talk” to one another. Many of these test vehicles have already been involved in real-world trials. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is being explored primarily for its potential to reduce the number of preventable accidents that occur on U.S. highways and surface streets. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that it is taking administrative steps to support this particular kind of safety technology. When functioning properly, this advance would allow cars and light trucks to essentially warn each other about potentially dangerous activity occurring around them. It is hoped [...]

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Legal support can be crucial after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are among the most catastrophic motor vehicle accidents on the road. In many cases, a motorcyclist suffers several different types of injuries, from abrasions and broken bones to brain damage and paralysis. In the most tragic collisions, the rider can be killed. Whether these injuries are permanent or temporary, victims and their families should remember that they may pursue a civil lawsuit. If a crash was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, there may be grounds to file a legal claim for compensation which can at least partially cover economic and non-economic damages. […]

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