What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Being involved in a truck accident can be a very stressful situation — especially if you don’t know what steps to take immediately following the accident. Commercial trucks in particular can cause significant damage, making it all the more important to know how to react if you are involved in such an incident. Not only do you need to take the proper steps to document the accident and file your insurance claim, but it’s also important to accurately evaluate your injuries to potentially receive compensation for medical care. By following the steps listed below and hiring a professional truck accident lawyer, you can increase your chances [...]

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Understanding California Truck Lane Restrictions

Navigating the busy highways of California in a passenger vehicle beside large tractor-trailers can be a jaw clenching, white-knuckle experience. The difference between the size of the vehicles, the variation in speeds of the larger trucks and their unpredictable lane changes can lead to serious accidents which are often fatal to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Because of these dangers, many states, including California have passed laws that limit the lanes that are available to trucks. California Multi-Axle Vehicle Regulations California has a disproportionate number of large trucks and other commercial vehicles on the road compared to other states. In the interest of safety, California [...]

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Safely Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

When a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle are involved in an accident, the outcome for the smaller vehicle is rarely good. In fact, 98% of fatalities occur to occupants of the passenger vehicle as opposed to occupants of the truck. Studies have shown that the driver of the passenger vehicle is at fault 75% of the time. Only 16% of semi-truck accidents can be attributed to the truck driver.  Why do these truck and car accidents happen and what can be done to prevent them? In California the number of trucks on the road compared to passenger vehicles is disproportionate in comparison to other states, due [...]

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Truckers: Ten Steps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving claims an average of nine lives each day and accounts for over 1000 injuries, reports the National Highway Safety Administration. The cost to organizations, related to accident injuries and deaths, is hefty. A single vehicle crash can cost employers about $16.000 according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). That amount soars to over $74,000 if the accident results in injuries. In the case of a fatal crash the cost can be $500,000 or greater. As mobile technology continues to develop, driver distractions increase accordingly. The importance of implementing an exemplary driver distraction program in work truck fleets of all sizes becomes paramount [...]

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Are More Deaths from Large Truck Crashes Caused by Drivers Racing the Clock?

Does a federal rule requiring truckers to take a rest break after eight hours of driving have them racing to make up time, causing an increase in fatal crashes? Some in the industry claim that it does. According to data provided by the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, deaths from large truck crashes in 2017 reached the highest level in 29 years. While deaths in motor vehicle crashes declined by 2 percent from the prior year, large-truck fatalities rose 9 percent to 4,761, an increase of 392 fatalities above the prior year. Truckers accounted for about 1300 of those deaths with the remaining 72 percent being occupants [...]

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Knowing and Obeying California Truck Lane Restrictions

If you ever drove outside the state of California and found yourself sandwiched between two big rigs on a highway, you know how terrifying it can be. Should you speed up or slow down? Is one of them going enter your lane, unaware of your presence, causing a serious crash? In California, the truck to your left would be guilty an “out of lane’” violation. You have probably noticed that some CHP officers drive pickups with enclosed beds and wear blue utility uniforms in lieu of the more familiar tan police uniform. These officers are usually part of the CHP’s Commercial Mobile Road Enforcement Unit. The [...]

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How Safety Regulations Can Affect Your California Truck Accident Case

If you or a loved one suffers injuries as the result of a California truck accident, it will soon become evident that that these legal cases are considerably more complex than your typical motor vehicle accident.  A perplexing entanglement of federal, state and local regulations, that can cause burdensome litigation, governs the operation and maintenance of commercial trucks. The regulations at the federal level are created and enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s) which apply to interstate commercial vehicles that are 10,000 pounds or greater, carry hazardous materials or transport over eight [...]

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Why Should You Retain an Experienced California Truck Accident Attorney?

When a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle are involved in an accident the outcome is never good. The driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle may suffer severe injuries or even loss of life. In many accidents in California involving large commercial vehicles, negligence on the part of the driver or owner of the big rig was a contributing factor in the crash. It is imperative that anyone who was injured or lost someone in a crash, involving a commercial vehicle receives the aid of an experienced California truck accident attorney. When an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer loses control on the highway the results are often catastrophic. The [...]

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California Tanker Truck Crashes – Hazards on Our Highways

Over the past two years, serious California tanker trucks have claimed several lives and injured dozens in California. One such crash occurred in May of last year, on a Highway 99 off ramp in Atwater, causing an enormous gasoline explosion and forcing hundreds to evacuate. Sadly, the driver of the tanker truck perished in the crash. With an improved economy, the number of tanker trucks on the road, delivering materials as hazardous as hydrochloric acid or as mundane as molasses, has increased significantly, putting the safety of other drivers at greater risk of harm. Despite the relatively high number of California tanker truck crashes over the [...]

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FMCSA: Medical Examiner Certificates Revoked After 2000 Drivers Cleared Improperly

According to the agency, affected truck drivers have 30 days to be medically re-certified An estimated 2000+ commercial truck drivers are operating big rigs on the nations highways without proper medical certification. This is due to the failure of an Alabama chiropractor to properly perform tests prior to certification over the past two years. On March 22. 2018 the federal government said it would revoke the medical certificates of Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards, who had been certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to perform medical exams. Dr. Edwards was charged in late February by a federal grand jury with conspiracy, wire fraud, conspiracy [...]

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