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Other Practice Areas

Vititoe Law Group, is a leading law firm in Westlake Village, California. We have a history of successful representation in several complex and demanding areas of law.Our legal team works with steadfast determination to deliver results for clients in areas of law that include:

  • Business clients at all levels of state and federal court. We also work out matters through arbitration, mediation and negotiation. Business disputes range from intellectual property and entertainment law to real estate disputes and Indian tribal law.
  • Defective medical devices can cause pain, suffering, illness and death to the patients that depend on them. Our lawyers provide vigorous and effective help to people who have been seriously harmed by defective medical devices that include cochlear implants, IUDs, bone grafts and transvaginal mesh.
  • We are well-known as a law firm that will stand up to corporations that pollute our ecosystem. Our founder, James W. Vititoe’s original law firm represented many clients suffering from cancer due to groundwater pollution – a case that was made famous by the movie about the case, Erin Brockovich. As a leading law firm in this area, we litigate many types of environmental issues.
  • Our legal team engages in mass torts and class action lawsuits on behalf of groups of people who have sustained harm by the same product, company, corporation or entity. We are dedicated to seeking justice and securing maximum compensation for our clients.
  • Pharmaceuticals are supposed to help treat illness and disease, help maintain medical conditions and help patients with serious symptoms. What happens, then, when the drugs that are supposed to help actually cause harm? Our law firm has vast knowledge in a full spectrum of pharmaceuticals, the harm that they cause and the tried-and-true methods for seeking justice and maximum compensation.

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Vititoe Law Group, serves clients across California and across the country. We offer free initial consultations. Schedule yours by calling 818-991-8900 or by contacting us online.

More Than 30 Years of Experience Fighting For the Victims of Negligence

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Give us a call and our attorneys will guide you through the process of litigation and put together a legal team tailored to your needs. When necessary, we will help you find the best doctors to treat your injuries. Our team approach gives our clients a multitude of strengths and skills to rely on to successfully resolve their cases.

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